Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – Ohio police chief calls for termination of cop who killed Andre Hill

Introduction To This Series:

This post is one installment in an ongoing news series: a “living history” of the current national and international uprising for justice.

Today’s movement descends directly from the many earlier civil rights struggles against repeated injustices and race-based violence, including the killing of unarmed Black people. The posts in this series serve as a timeline of the uprising that began on May 26, 2020, the day after a Minneapolis police officer killed an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, by kneeling on his neck. The viral video of Floyd’s torturous suffocation brought unprecedented national awareness to the ongoing demand to truly make Black Lives Matter in this country.

The posts in this series focus on stories of the particular killings that have spurred the current uprising and on the protests taking place around the USA and across the globe. Sadly, thousands of people have lost their lives to systemic racial, gender, sexuality, judicial, and economic injustice. The few whose names are listed here represent the countless others lost before and since. Likewise, we can report but a few of the countless demonstrations for justice now taking place in our major cities, small towns, and suburbs.

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Ohio police chief calls for termination of cop who killed Andre Hill

By Sweenie Saint-Vil, Revolt

December 25, 2020

Andre Hill protest/vigil
Protest/Vigil for Andre Hill. Stephen Zenner/AFP via Getty Image

The chief of the Ohio Police Department believes the cop who fatally shot Andre Maurice Hill should be terminated. Chief Thomas Quinlan released a video statement on Thursday (Dec. 24) informing viewers that Officer Adam Coy will be charged with critical misconduct — non criminal charges that will be applied to his employment record.

“Like all of you, I witnessed his critical misconduct firsthand via his body-worn camera,” Quinlan said in the video. “I have seen everything I need to see to reach the conclusion that Officer Coy must be terminated immediately. Some may call this a rush to judgment. It is not.”

“We have an officer who violated his oath to comply with the rules and policies of the Columbus Division of Police,” he continued. “And the consequences of that violation are so great, it requires immediate action. This violation cost an innocent man his life.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Coy arrived at Hill’s home with a partner after receiving calls of a noise complaint and noticed him standing in an open garage. After flashing their lights at him, Hill — who had his back turned when cops arrived — walked toward the cops and was shot within seconds. He was pronounced dead after responding officers at the scene failed to offer him any first aid assistance.

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