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Zero Youth Corrections Community Input Sessions Basic

Zero Youth Corrections: Community Input Sessions

We need community input! Our public conversations will guide the process for the second round of Zero Youth Corrections funding. Our goal is to reduce youth incarceration and make a positive impact on the legal system in MKE.

Black man using binoculars

Black Birders Reach New Heights During 4th Annual Black Birders Week

For four years, this annual event has recognized Black bird watchers who might otherwise be ignored or mistreated while enjoying their hobby.


What Year Is This? In Mississippi, The Fight For School Desegregation Continues

Even decades after the SCOTUS ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, 32 school districts in Mississippi are still under desegregation orders.


Miss Trans Africa’s Long Wait for Freedom

South African beauty queen, Chedino Martin, shares the obstacles she had to overcome to make it to the top.

Middle school children planting a tree.

Cultivating Tulsa’s Equitable Future

Plant Seads project, Tulsa’s Carver Middle School and the Dick Conner Correctional Center have together planted seedlings all throughout Tulsa to acknowledge the past and give people a sense that change and sustaining growth is possible.


For a Notorious Police Department, This Killing Was the Last Straw

In Paterson, New Jersey, the murder of Najee Seabrooks led the state attorney general to take control of the city’s police department, known for its abuse of power.


For Black drivers, a police officer’s first 45 words are a portent of what’s to come

A new study investigates how the first 45 words said by a police officer pulling over a Black driver holds clues about the outcome of the interaction.


8 Key Factors Are Shortening the Lives of Black Americans

Black Americans face a higher rate of premature mortality than White Americans, and a recent study shows that systemic racism might play a key role in those statistics.


Mom demands answers after 11-year-old son allegedly shot by police officer at home

11-year-old Aderrien Murray was shot and injured by a police officer who responded to their 911 call. Now, his mother is seeking justice.


A Year After the Uvalde Massacre: Did Anything Change?

After the Uvalde school shooting at Robb Elementary, there were calls for accountability and new gun laws. However, most proposed reforms never became reality.


What Happened to Journalism’s Racial Reckoning?

After George Floyd’s murder, White-owned news outlets promised to spotlight African-American journalists. Now, Black writer Anissa Durham explores whether or not that promise has been kept.


Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate, enters the 2024 GOP primary

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott is formally entering the Republican presidential primary, with his main adversaries being Trump and DeSantis.


ABHM Book Club Presents: Afro Futurism: A History of Black Futures

We’ll together explore the captivating world of Afrofuturism. This groundbreaking book delves into the exciting concept that imagines a future where black identity is celebrated and empowered through music, art, and speculative fiction. Enjoy this ABHM Book Club discussion .


F.B.I. Violated Surveillance Program Rules After George Floyd Protests and Jan. 6 Attack

Members of the FBI abused a government surveillance program to investigate hundreds of Americans who participated in BLM protests and the January 6th coup.


Black couple accused of smelling ‘like weed’ are kicked out of Memphis eatery, racial discrimination suit says

A Black couple from Memphis is suing a local restaurant for kicking them out, claiming they “smelled like weed” despite their own protests that they don’t smoke marijuana.


Baseball Returns to the ‘Hallowed Grounds’ of a Negro Leagues Stadium

Hinchliffe Stadium was once home to multiple Negro baseball leagues. After $100M in renovations, it will now serve as a minor league ballpark and museum.


Why Prosecutors Waited Before They Charged Daniel Penny

The Manhattan district attorney office is struggling to reach a decision on how to charge Jordan Neely’s killer after ruling his death was a homicide.


Why do Americans want guns? It comes down to one word.

At the national gun show in Chantilly, American firearm owners explained why they feel the need to take advantage of their second amendment rights. Most answers centered around “protection.”

Focusing on belonging in workplace diversity efforts aims to create bridges instead of fostering division (Focusing on belonging in workplace diversity efforts aims to create bridges instead of fostering division. (Olia Danilev/Pexels)

Why Some Companies Are Saying ‘Diversity and Belonging’ Instead of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’

One consulting agency is among the organizations aiming to make everyone feel welcome in the workplace rather than fostering division.

Childbirth and pregnancy can be traumatic for Black mothers in the current medical system (William Fortunato/Pexels)

Medicalized Birth and the Attack on Black Motherhood

One midwife organization is taking on the medical industry to bring their services back to the Black mothers who need them.

New York police investigate a shooting in Brooklyn on July 21. (Michael Nagle / Bloomberg via Getty Images file)

Black and Hispanic people in Chicago exposed to gun violence at ‘significantly and persistently higher rate,’ report says

A recent study supports previous findings that Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to experience gun violence than other Americans.