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‘I can’t breathe’: Eric Garner remembered on the 10th anniversary of his chokehold death

Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, continues to mourn the loss of her son in the decade since he was suffocated to death by a NYC police officer. Carr continues to call for police and gun reform in the name of her son.


11 Black Men on What Democrats and Republicans Get Wrong About Their Lives

In the America in Focus series, the New York Times asked Americans to share their general societal views. In this article specifically, a focus group of 11 Black men discuss their hesitancies to fully support either Trump or Biden in today’s political climate.


Protesters Gather to March in Milwaukee as R.N.C. Opens

Protesters descend upon Milwaukee as the Republican National Convention kicks off, saying that Donald Trump’s assassination attempt will not stop them from executing the demonstrations they have been planning for months.


Donald Trump Gets Bad News From Black Voters

Polls are showing a slight, but continually increasing, favor for Joe Biden in the Black community despite Trump’s efforts to appeal to the group ahead of November’s election.


Milwaukee hotel workers fired after death of Black man pinned down outside

D’vontaye Mitchell was pinned to the ground outside Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee, and his family calls for further justice after the firing of the three employees involved.

Greenwood massacre

The Tulsa race massacre affected the ‘economic freedom’ of generations

While the Tulsa Race Massacre permanently reshaped lives, families, and communities, the Supreme Court ruled reparations were not necessary.


How Kamala Harris could save the Democratic Party (but probably won’t) 

Kamala Harris has some key traits that point toward possible success if she were to take Biden’s place to run against Trump… but how likely is that to happen?


American runner Weini Kelati’s Olympic journey from Eritrea to Paris is a childhood dream in the making

After seeking asylum in the U.S. from one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world, running in the Olympics as an American athlete is a dream for Weini Kelati.

Photo: MANDEL NGAN (Getty Images)

Trump courts Black men as he pledges return to a policy that disproportionately targeted them

Donald Trump has expressed desire to increase a practice that involves violence against Black voters whom he wants to court.


Milwaukee African Cultural Festival; music, food and more showcased

Milwaukee hosted its celebration of the diversity of African cultures in on July 6th. This annual event is free to visitors.

Joe Biden

My ‘Black Job’ Is to Protect Democracy

Keith Boykin understands how important the upcoming presidential election is, even if there is no stand-out candidate.

George Hocker

George Hocker broke through barriers as one of the CIA’s first Black spymasters

With the CIA releasing details about former spies, the work of and racism against people like George Hocker has finally come to light.

Historical reenactment

Living History: Black Reenactors Walk in Ancestors’ Footsteps

Truthful reenactments are essential for racial healing by ensuring the roles of Black people in American history are not whitewashed.

Tractor Supply

Black farmers’ association calls for Tractor Supply CEO’s resignation after company cuts DEI efforts

While Tractor Supply Company has bowed to conservative customers, another group sees the offense in such actions.


Woman with sickle cell disease celebrates 80th birthday, defying life expectancy odds by decades

Patricia McGill, who was told she would only live to 30 when she was 13 years old, just celebrated her 80th birthday, despite all odds. She is one of the nation’s oldest people with the disease.

Michael Stewart

A 6-year-old Black Boy Drowned During First Day of Summer Camp, And His Mother Wants Answers

A heartbroken mother is left to wonder how all the safety precautions at a summer camp failed her son, allowing him to drown.

Oriel Moore

4 Missouri prison guards charged with murder, 5th with manslaughter, in death of Black man

Four prison guards whose violent actions against an inmate caused his death may serve between 10 and 30 year sentences for manslaughter.

Matt James

‘The Bachelor’ Producers Finally Address Racism Against Show’s First Black Bachelor

Matt James’ time on tv hindered by a chain of mishaps, and some wonder whether this reflects him being the first Black lead on the show.


Trump’s Black GOP allies challenged during tense discussion tailored to Black men

Representatives Wesley Hunt of Texas and Byron Donalds of Florida hosted a casual but moderated Q&A event aimed to bring more Black and POC voters into the GOP.

Kara Walker, Fortuna and the Immortality Garden (Machine), work in progress, 2023–24; © Kara Walker; photo: Ari Marcopoulos

Kara Walker Is No One’s Robot

One artist is using technology in creative ways to comment on her identity and the trauma experienced as a Black person.

Patrick Braxton

An Alabama Town’s New Mayor Was Locked Out. 3 Years Later, He Will Return.

After more than three years and legal case, incumbent politicians must finally recognize Patrick Braxton as the elected mayor.