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Black father

Black Fathers Embrace the Role of Stay-at-Home Parent

As stay-at-home fatherhood becomes more common, Black dads are ready to be the primary caretaker for their children.


Homeownership gap between Black and White owners is worse now than a decade ago

Black buyers are facing more obstacles now than ever when it comes to homeownership. Generational wealth gaps may be the biggest issue.


Help Wanted: Schools Struggling to Keep Black Teachers

Data shows that Black students perform significantly better in school when taught by Black teachers. However, finding and keeping Black teachers on the payroll is easier said than done in today’s education climate.

American Fiction

National Black Movie Day is a celebration — and a call for action

A growing appreciation of Black film is a start, but equal representation among filmmakers and stars has yet to be achieved.


After inheriting ancestral land, these Black families are defying the odds to keep it

A Black American family is continually receiving offers for their inherited land even though they rightfully own it. This connects to a long history of Black landowners being forced off their property.


California’s Push for Ethnic Studies Runs Into the Israel-Hamas War

California is mandating ethnic studies for students in order to help non-white students learn about other cultures. However, teachers and administrators are still navigating how to discuss sensitive current event topics.


Fire That Kills 6 Children Puts Focus on ‘Dangerous’ Section 8 Housing

Six young children are dead after a fire was sparked by faulty electrical wiring. The dilapidated conditions the family was living in has caused many people to point the immorality of renting out unsafe section 8 housing.


What if Federal Reparations Weren’t a Fiction?

The author of this New York Times opinion piece argues that reparations for the crimes against humanity Black people have had to endure for centuries should not be out of the question, and in fact should be a reality.


Republicans work to recruit female and minority candidates even as they criticize diversity programs

While the Republican Party has consistently opposed D.E.I. programs, they are still working to recruit members who will appeal to diverse groups of voters.

Silent Calvary

Silent Cavalry review: Howell Raines’ fine work on southern resistance

A journalist’s new book reveals a part of Civil War history that is not ignored but overwritten through a family history narrative.

Artifacts returned to Ghana

U.S. museum returns artifacts to Ghana that were looted 150 years ago by British forces

A museum at UCLA is the latest to return artifacts stolen from Africa to their rightful owners, this time to Ghana.

Pew Research

How Black Americans View Success in the U.S.

Recent Pew research shows that while many Black families have achieved some leve of success, they still struggle financially across incomes.


After a spate of education bans, Florida churches are taking Black history into their own hands

Churches in Florida are offering Black history lessons for their communities to counter the state’s efforts to restrict race-conscious lessons in schools.


What Does Beyonce Have to Do to Win Album of the Year?

While Beyonce has won more Grammys than any other artist, she has never won Album of the Year. Many believe this is due to her race and, more specifically, the constant snubbing of Black artists seen at the award show.

metropolitan police

Met officers investigated after black boy, 16, stopped six times in five months

The Metropolitan Police are accused of racial profiling after stopping on Black teenager multiple times in a short timeframe.


ABHM Celebrates Black History Month 2024

Celebrate Black History Month with us, a time to honor the extraordinary resilience, achievements, and contributions of the Black community. Join in acknowledging the rich tapestry of Black history, embracing stories of triumph over adversity. This month, let’s amplify voices, share stories, and unite in fostering understanding, empathy, and a commitment to equality. Together, we honor the past, celebrate the present, and pave the way for a more inclusive future.


In Las Vegas, Biden Promotes Promises Kept to Black and Hispanic Voters

Biden appeals to Black and Hispanic voters in Nevada, a key swing state that could help him find success in November.

Self-Guided Tours

Introducing a New Way to Browse ABHM’s Online Exhibits

At America’s Black Holocaust Museum, our website serves as the virtual counterpart to the physical museum, which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The backbone of our virtual museum is our online galleries that explore issues such as slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, Reconstruction, racial repair, and lynching, among other topics. In an effort to make…


‘MLK/X’ aims to offer a fuller picture of the two icons and their wives

A National Geographic series will look at the lives of two prominent activists, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

Westpoint cadets

Supreme Court declines to immediately block West Point from considering race in admissions process

For now, Westpoint military academy will continue to consider race in its admissions process despite conservative protests.

Carl WEathers in Rock

Carl Weathers, Apollo Creed from ‘Rocky’ and ‘Mandalorian’ star, dies at 76

Actor Carl Weathers, known for his decades-long acting career, has passed in his sleep according to his family.