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Josh Gibson became Major League Baseball’s career leader with a .372 batting average, surpassing Ty Cobb’s .367, when records of the Negro Leagues for more than 2,300 players were incorporated after a three-year research project. (AP Photo/File)

Josh Gibson becomes MLB career and season batting leader as Negro Leagues statistics incorporated

Josh Gibson became Major League Baseball’s career leader, surpassing Ty Cobb, when records of the Negro Leagues players were incorporated.

Teach Truth Day of Action

Teach Truth Day of Action 2024

In honor of ABHM’s mission and Dr. Cameron’s legacy, we have partnered with the Howard Zinn Education Project on their 4th annual Teach Truth Day of Action along with hundreds of other educators and organizations throughout the country.


‘Did You Tase Him in the Face!?’ Inside ‘Goon Squad’ Deputies’ Group Chat

A group of (mostly) former Mississippi cops’ vulgar groupchat recently came to light, where they joked about sexual assault, torture, and kidnapping. The men came to national attention last year after they tortured and nearly murdered two innocent Black men.


In Low-Wage Jobs, Working While Black Means Showing Up Sick

A temporary federal law during COVID gave low-wage workers paid sick leave. But the law expired, forcing a huge chunk of Black workers to clock in when they should stay home.

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A synthetic drug ravages youth in Sierra Leone. There’s little help, and some people are chained

A treatment center has been set up by community members in Sierra Leone to help combat the drug addiction that ravages their youth. While the treatment center can resort to harsh measures, the effectiveness has proven promising.

Theresa Claiborne

Pioneering Black female pilot for Air Force, United Airlines lands final flight

After more than 23,000 hours and 43 years in the sky, pilot Theresa Claiborne, an Air Force veteran, is hanging up her wings

Community Day Free Admission For All!

ABHM Presents: Community Day

Join us for an enriching and memorable Community Day at America Black Holocaust Museum, proudly sponsored by Network Health! Enjoy free admission for all visitors from 10 AM to 3 PM, and immerse yourself in the profound history and stories that shape our community.


Almost 6,000 Dead in 6 Years: How Baltimore Became the U.S. Overdose Capital

Baltimore was once celebrated for its response to addiction. However, because fentanyl has become more commonplace and law enforcement is shifting its focus toward gun violence, deaths have risen.


The Low-Paid Humans Behind AI’s Smarts Ask Biden to Free Them From ‘Modern Day Slavery’

African workers who label AI data and screen social posts for US tech giants are calling on President Biden to raise their plight with Kenya’s president, William Ruto, who visits the US this week.


Barbie will make dolls to honor Venus Williams and other star athletes

Barbie’s products are to become more diverse as they release dolls that represent female athletes in order to help young girls foster self-confidence and ambition.


Their Palm Springs Neighborhood Burned More Than 50 Years Ago. They Want Compensation.

The Black and Latino families of Section 14, who made up much of the labor force of Palm Springs, are asking for reparations for what they say was a racially motivated attack on their neighborhood and community.


Blue Origin launches six tourists to the edge of space after nearly two-year hiatus

The man Kennedy selected in 1961 to be the first Black American astronaut candidate finally reached space at 90 among a group of six people launched in a tourism rocket.


Kamala Harris to speak at SEIU convention set to elect the union’s first Black president

Kamala Harris will deliver the keynote address at the Service Employees International Union convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Brandon Thomas Crowley

He feared coming out. Now this pastor wants to help Black churches become as welcoming as his own.

While he once listened to homophobic sermons, Rev. Brandon Thomas Crowley now preaches acceptance to his congregation.

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Watch: Brown at 70—A Reality Check on School Segregation

Dr. Camika Royal, Sharif El Mekki, Dr. Kelly Hurst, and Dr. Gary Orfield joined Word In Black to talk about modern school segregation.

Students at Boston College raise their arms during a solidarity demonstration on the school's campus.  (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Why the trope of the ‘outside agitator’ persists

Code Switch breaks down how language influences public perceptions of protests like those on college campuses.

A group of rappers discuss the impact of their lyrics potentially being used as evidence, from the documentary “As We Speak.” (COURTESY OF PARAMOUNT+.)

Rap Is Art, Not Evidence

A new documentary chronicles efforts to keep rap lyrics from being used by prosecutors, combatting a long-standing trend of criminalizing rap.

Rev William Lawson

Rev. William Lawson, civil rights leader who worked with Martin Luther King Jr., dies at 95

A civil rights leader who worked to end segregation and stood by Martin Luther King even when others wouldn’t had passed.

It was a Democrat, Joe Biden, who selected Kamala Harris as the nation's first Black vice president and Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

The Party of Lincoln Is Dead

The party of Abraham Lincoln that fought the Civil War to preserve the American union is not the same Republican party which exists today. The majority of historical Republican legislative and policy accomplishments for Black people rests on the Civil War and the short period following. The Republican party’s Compromise of 1877 effectively marked its abandonment of Black people.


Your Right to Peacefully Protest Is Under Attack Across America

In today’s political climate, the right to assemble has become more restricted as law enforcement tries to maintain control. Protests in Texas and a SCOTUS decision point to this.

Police walk outside the Tops grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y. on May 15.Joshua Bessex / AP file

Plans unveiled for memorial honoring victims of racist mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket

Jin Young Song and Douglass Alligood revealed their design for a permanent memorial for the victims of the 2022 Buffalo shooting.