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Meet Kristen Welker, the 1st Black Woman to Moderate a Presidential Debate Solo in Almost 30 Years

The first woman to moderate a presidential debate in almost 30 years is nonwhite.

A statue/monument outside of the Virginia Military Institute.

Gov. Ralph Northam Calls for Investigation Into Virginia Military Institute’s ‘Clear and Appalling Culture of Ongoing Structural Racism’

After months of Black current and former students at Virginia Military Institute speaking up about rampant racism at the institution, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has ordered an investigation into the school’s culture.

A mural of Breonna Taylor in the night.

Breonna Taylor Grand Juror Says Homicide Charges Were Not Presented

An anonymous person on the jury of the Breonna Taylor court case believes that the homicide charges were not presented in the case.


Special News Series: Rising Up for Justice! – Citizen-Led Commission Launches Community-Based Program For Police Reform in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s 16-person Collaborative Community Commission, which includes members of the Latino, Black, LGBTQ+ and Jewish communities, is working with the Milwaukee Police Department to develop a policy for community policing, an approach that generally involves closer collaboration between law enforcement and the residents they serve.

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Glendale Leads California in Publicly Apologizing for Its ‘Sundown Town’ Past

Glendale, California is the third US city to apologize for its history of racial discrimination as a “sundown town.”

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - AUGUST 16:  Flowers, candles and chalk-written messages surround a photograph of Heather Heyer on the spot where she was killed and 19 others injured when a car slamed into a crowd of people protesting against a white supremacist rally, August 16, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville will hold a memorial service for Heyer Wednesday, four days after she was killed when a participant in a white nationalists, neo-Nazi rally allegedly drove his car into the crowd of people demonstrating against the 'alt-right' gathering.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

How the Charlottesville Rally, the Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot, Etc. Underscore the Threat of Far-Right Extremists

A panel of experts warns that Charlottesville was not an isolated or unplanned spontaneous incident, but a harbinger of much organized white supremacist terror to come.


Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – Protesters in Portland Topple Statues of Lincoln and Roosevelt

Protests in Portland have persisted in the months since George Floyd was killed, sparking nationwide demonstrations for racial justice and against police brutality. While much of their focus has been on how Black people have been harmed, the protests have at times highlighted other causes, including societal reforms to address transgender rights, economic disparities and Native Americans.

Picture of Brittney Escovedo, a black beauty artist, laughing.

Black Fashion Insiders On Breaking The System

The fashion industry has a long history of African-American oppressions and suppression. However, influential African-American artists are speaking up.


Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – Police Retaliate Against Cole Family with Violent Attack Sending Mother to Hospital

On night 2 of peaceful protests against the decision not to prosecute the police officer who killed teenager Alvin Cole, police arrested and brutalized Cole’s mother and two sisters — and pulled others from their cars.

The new residential college, to be named after Mellody Hobson, a Black alumna who is a chief executive of Ariel Investments, will open in 2026, Princeton said.Credit...Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Princeton to Name Residential College After Black Alumna

Princeton students staged a sit-in in 2015, demanding that former President Woodrow Wilson’s name be removed from university buildings. On the site of a residential college that for more than 50 years bore the name of Wilson, who oversaw segregation of the federal Civil Service, a new Princeton residential college will be built and named after Mellody Hobson, a prominent Black alumna.

Currently chief strategy officer at the Black Veterans Project, Daniele Anderson served aboard Navy ships for five and a half years. Anderson says removing Confederate names and symbols from military bases and installations would be a step toward racial reconciliation with Black people who served their country. Here, she is photographed with classmate Alex Kane following their graduation and commissioning ceremony at the U.S. Naval Academy in May 2013.

For Love of Country: Black veterans join movement to rid military installations of Confederate names and symbols

When Daniele Anderson was a student at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, she posted flyers around the campus about Black History Month events she was organizing, but they were repeatedly torn down.

Photo: MANDEL NGAN (Getty Images)

What’s the Right Term: POC, BIPOC, or Neither?

What are the correct terms to use when referring to non-white people in the United States? POC, BIPOC? It depends upon who you ask.

Det. Joshua Jaynes appears to have filed a "misleading" affidavit leading to the no-knock warrant that resulted in Breonna Taylor's death. Image: Louisville Metro Police Department/Shutterstock

Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – They May Finally Arrest the Cop Responsible for Breonna Taylor’s Death

After reviewing thousands of pages concerning officers’ involvement in the death of Breonna Taylor, a Louisville investigator concluded that the entire debacle was based on a “misleading” affidavit used to obtain the search warrant for Taylor’s apartment, recommending possible criminal charges for the offending officer.

Paul Abernathy and LaRay w Health supplies

‘I Won’t be Used as a Guinea Pig for White People’

African-American inclusion in Coronavirus medical studies is crucial for racial equality. People of color have suffered the most from Covid-19, but Black people have been more hesitant than other groups to get vaccines due to a long history of abuse by medical experimenters. 


Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – Survey Shows Black Voters Are Fired Up to Vote Trump Out

[A]ccording to a new poll from the Black political advocacy group Black Futures Lab, Black Americans say they haven’t been deterred from showing up to the polls, with 81 percent of respondents saying they plan on voting in the general election. Black voters are more motivated to vote Trump out than they are to vote Biden in, plan to vote in-person, and are most concerned about race and discrimination as a national issue, followed by COVID-19 and the economy.

Architect rendering of the Center of Black Excellence and Culture to be built in Madison, WI in 2121.

Dane County announces $810,000 funding for Center for Black Excellence and Culture

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Rev. Dr. Alex Gee of Madison, WI, announced an $810,000 line in the 2121 county budget to help organizers acquire land for the Center for Black Excellence and Culture.

Madison’s Black community needs a central place to gather, network with fellow Black professionals, and celebrate culture. The Center will foster a sense of community; celebrate and teach Black Culture; pay tribute to Black history; nurture and develop Black business and community leaders; attract, connect and retain Black talent; and provide space for conversation, connection, and growth.

A picture of protesters against evictions during the pandemic.

Minority-owned homes remain undervalued despite laws that forbid using race to evaluate worth

Our new research on home appraisals shows neighborhood racial composition still drives unequal home values, despite laws that forbid real estate professionals from explicitly using race when evaluating a property’s worth.

Police rage at protesters

Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – There are proven ways to keep protests peaceful. Trump is doing the opposite.

Donald Trump has called on local and state officials to crack down as harshly as possible on BLM protests throughout the nation. Experts say that Trump’s rhetoric and actions inflame tensions and escalate protests further, instead of keeping the peace.

protesters take a knee in front of NYPD police line

Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – ‘Kettling’ of demonstrators at protest could end up costing taxpayers millions

An international organization whose work advocating for refugees, political prisoners and victims of violence worldwide said Wednesday the NYPD intentionally and illegally carried out a massive attack on peaceful protesters. The event could end up costing taxpayers big time.

Governor Newsom signing bill into law

Special News Series: Rising Up For Justice! – CA to study, consider reparations for Black residents after landmark law passed

California has become the first state to adopt a law that requires a study of how the state could provide reparations to Black residents and the descendants of slaves.

A member of the Proud Boys, right, stands in front of a counter-protester as right-wing demonstrators rally on Saturday in Portland, Oregon. Photograph: John Locher/AP

Proud Boys: who are the far-right group that backs Donald Trump?

President Trump refused to call the “Proud Boys” a white supremacist group during his presidential debate. Instead he told them to “stand down” and “stand by.”