The Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall


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A man stands in front of the Djingareyber mosque on February 4, 2016 in Timbuktu, central Mali. 
Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu on February 4 celebrated the recovery of its historic mausoleums, destroyed during an Islamist takeover of northern Mali in 2012 and rebuilt thanks to UN cultural agency UNESCO.
African Peoples Before Captivity
Shackles from Slave Ship Henrietta Marie
Kidnapped: The Middle Passage
Enslaved family picking cotton
Nearly Three Centuries Of Enslavement
1st Black Men Elected to Congress
Reconstruction: A Brief Glimpse of Freedom
The Lynching of Laura Nelson_May_1911 200x200
One Hundred Years of Jim Crow
Civil Rights protest in Alabama
I Am Somebody! The Struggle for Justice
Black Lives Matter movement
NOW: Free At Last?
#15-Beitler photo best TF reduced size
Memorial to the Victims of Lynching
hands raised black background
The Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall
Frozen custard in Milwaukee's Bronzeville
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Ways to Support ABHM?

ABHM calls on people everywhere to work for liberty and justice for all.

Stand with us by signing the Freedom Lovers' Pledge below. 

Let others know of your commitment by putting your name (and photo if you're willing) onto our Roll Call Wall. Thank you!

The Pledge

"By placing my name on the Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall, I pledge to take a stand against hatred and injustice. I will work in my daily life for racial equity, human rights for all, repair and reconciliation."

The Freedom-Lovers Roll Call Wall

More Freedom-Lovers

  • Ellen Miller

    Registered Nurse
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Elliot Schultz

    Graduate Student National Park Ranger
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Ginny Flynn

    Wisconsin, USA

  • Lynn Derrwaldt PhD

    Business Owner
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Jim Steffes

    Fitness Consultant
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Mary Askin

    Administrative Assistant
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Tracy Montgomery

    English Professor
    Idaho, USA

  • Beverley Grim-Johnson

    North Carolina, USA

  • Colleen Berg

    Afterschool Program Coordinator
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Diana Lynn Hinton

    Resource Specialist, Dept. of Labor
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Yokairy Tavarez

    New York, USA

  • Stephanie Velasquez

    Texas, USA

  • Faye Dant

    Museum Founder
    Missouri, USA

  • Paula Plasky

    Retired/Social Services
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Virginia Flynn

    Head of School
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Liz Luciano

    Service Coordinator
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Janell T. Brown

    Court Clerk
    Illinois, USA

  • Joseph Segor

    Retired Attorney
    Florida, USA

  • Kevin Kuschel

    Wisconsin, USA

  • Rocío Sánchez Ajamil

    Madrid, Spain

  • Cheri

    Wisconsin, USA

  • Chris Bork

    Clinical Application Trainer
    Michigan, USA

  • Haroon

    ICT, Pakistan

  • Becky Torrisi

    Project Manager
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Jessica MacPhail

    Wisconsin, USA

  • Melodie Washington

    Wisconsin, USA

  • Naomi Greer

    Illinois, USA

  • Victoria Clyde


    Wisconsin, USA

  • Lucy Hocking

    Wisconsin, USA

  • Deseree Spear

    Ohio, US

  • Stephanie Willis

    Lifelong Learner & Humanitarian
    Michigan, USA

  • Jane P. Hunter

    Coordinator Of Education Services
    Illinois, USA

  • Jacob Hanifl

    Social Worker/Social Activist
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Jacquelynn Brooks-Moffett

    Social Work Administrator
    Michigan, USA

  • Quincy

    Arizona, USA

  • Theresa Loyd-Alexander

    Louisiana, USA

  • Lubna Ahmed

    Passenger Assistant
    Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

  • Angela Moorman

    Business Owner
    Indiana, USA

  • Dan Holden

    Organizational Consultant
    Wisconsin, USA

  • Christopher M Mercadel Sr.

    Retired Police Officer
    Louisiana, USA

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