Special Exhibits



In this gallery you will find exhibits that relate to the themes of our museum but do not fit neatly into the History Galleries.

At the Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall you can connect with people like yourself who stand against hatred and injustice. You can take a pledge and post your photo and/or name on the Wall.

In the Memorial to the Victims of Lynching we honor the lives of some two thousand men, women and children who died at the hands of lynch mobs. You can see life portraits and read about the lives of those people whose families have been able to share their stories with us.

You can search for your loved one by his/her name or the state where he/she was murdered. If you have a picture of that person or details of his/her life, you are encouraged to contribute that story to the Memorial. You can use the genealogy links provided here to search for information about a family member who was killed.

Stories Behind The Postcards is an exhibit of oil paintings and collages by Chicago artist Jennifer Scott. Postcards were popular lynching souvenirs, along with pieces of the rope, clothing, or bodies of the victims. Each postcard had a photo of a dead victim and those who participated in the death ritual, much like photos of hunting trophies. After the pictures were taken and the lynchers went home, family members had the excruciating task of coming to cut down the bodies of their loved ones. These are the stories the artist tells through oil paintings and collages.

Sometimes you just have to go out on a limb and try something!

Special Exhibits

Memorial to the Victims of Lynching

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Launched online in December 2011, this is, we believe, the first memorial to remember the many victims of lynching in the United States. Here we gather their life stories, say their names, and note where and when these thousands of men, women and children were terrorized and murdered.

The Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall

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ABHM calls on people everywhere to work for liberty and justice for all. Stand with us by signing our Freedom Lovers’ Pledge. Let others know of your commitment by putting your name (and photo if you’re willing) alongside other Freedom Lovers on our Roll Call Wall. Thank you!

Stories Behind the Postcards: Paintings and Collages of Jennifer Scott

The Brother

This series of six paintings and three collages is the response of Chicago artist Jennifer Scott to souvenir lynching postcards. She thought about what she did not see in the postcards: the family members left behind to take down the victim, to mourn and bury the remains-if there was enough to bury.

Freedom-Lovers’ Pledge

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Take the Freedom Lovers’ Pledge here and stand with others from around the US who commit to working for racial justice, repair and healing. (For minors who wish to pledge, you’ll find a parental permission form here as well.)

Portraiture of Resistance

Dr. James Cameron

Resist! Exhibit features the artistic portraits of prominent resistance leaders. Poetry creatively walks the audience through the exhibit and our historical journey towards a more just and balanced world.

Echoes of Equality: Art Inspired by Memphis and Maya

1968 Olympics – A peaceful protest by Daron Wolf

Witness profound storytelling through art, where history, resilience, and societal change intertwine to create masterpieces provoking thought and inspiring dialogue. Discover the rich narratives within each artwork, from Ruby Bridges’ courage to Dr. King’s influential power and Maya Angelou’s resilience, along with commentary on segregation in Milwaukee.