The Party of Lincoln Is Dead

The party of Abraham Lincoln that fought the Civil War to preserve the American union is not the same Republican party which exists today. The majority of historical Republican legislative and policy accomplishments for Black people rests on the Civil War and the short period following. The Republican party’s Compromise of 1877 effectively marked its abandonment of Black people.

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Stephen A. Smith’s Non-Apology ‘Apology’ 

Stephen A. Smith compared Trump’s criminal charges to the legal attacks on heroic Black historical figures—now he’s “apologizing.” Smith claimed the Black community relates to Trump’s legal struggles. Yet, after receiving large backlash, he said his words were “taken out of context” and “misconstrued.”

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Meet Zach Van Harris Jr., the South Dakota Historian Unearthing the State’s African American History

Zach Van Harris

by Jonathan Kelley and Lydia Moran, ArtsMidwest Zach Van Harris Jr. is a fountain of names. They come running out of him in a steady current.  There’s Oscar Micheaux, the versatile, resilient filmmaker whose early 20th century films countered prevailing narratives about Black life. There’s York, an enslaved man who joined Lewis and Clark on their expedition and helped build…

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