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America’s Black Holocaust Museum’s founder, Dr. James Cameron, was an avid reader and inspiring writer and educator. To this day, he is the only known survivor of a lynching to write and publish a memoir about such an experience. In his honor, we created this book club in November of 2020 to bring together a community of all backgrounds to learn about and discuss our collective past, modern manifestations of racism, and how we create racial repair, reconciliation, and healing for a better future.

A Time of Terror: A Survivor's Story

A Time of Terror : A Survivor's Story

by Dr. James Cameron

Discussed: February 22, 2024, February 23, 2023 & February 25, 2021


Discussion Guide

The Water Dancer

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Discussed: March 21, 2024


Discussion Guide

All That She Carried book cover

All That She Carried

by Tiya Miles

Discussed: January 25, 2024


Discussion Guide

Book cover of The Beautiful Struggle

The Beautiful Struggle

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Discussed: October 26, 2023


Discussion Guide

Our Town Cover

Our Town

by Cynthia Carr

Discussed: August 31, 2023


Discussion Guide

The Rebellious Life Mrs. Rosa Parks

by Jeanne Theoharis

Discussed: July 20, 2023


Discussion Guide


Afro Futurism: A History of Black Futures

by the National Museum of African American History & Culture

Discussed: June 21, 2023


Discussion Guide


by Octavia E. Butler

Discussed: April 20, 2023


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The Three Mothers

by Anna Malaika Tubbs

Discussed: January 26, 2023


Discussion Guide

Death of Innocence

by Mamie Till-Mobley

Discussed: November 17, 2022


Discussion Guide

Overground Railroad

by Candacy Taylor

Discussed: October 6, 2022


Discussion Guide

Finding Me

by Viola Davis

Discussed: August 23, 2022


Discussion Guide


Voices of Milwaukee Bronzeville

by Dr. Sandra Jones

Discussed: June 15, 2022


Discussion Guide

Strange Fruit: Billie Holiday & the Biography of a Song

by David Magolick

Discussed: October 7, 2021


Discussion Guide

Long Walk To Freedom

by Nelson Mandela

Discussed: June 3, 2021 and July 1, 2021


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Resource Guide

I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made For Whiteness

by Austin Channing Brown

Discussed: November 17, 2020


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