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Executive Director Position Profile

Milwaukee, WI – April, 2019

Museum Overview

Founded in 1988, America’s Black Holocaust Museum builds public awareness of the harmful legacies of slavery in America and promotes racial repair, reconciliation, and healing. We envision a society that remembers its past, so it can shape a better future – a nation undivided by race where every person matters equally.

The Museum, a program of the Dr. James Cameron Legacy Foundation, brings to light the historic and current lived experiences of African Americans through online exhibits, face-to-face community programs, interracial dialogues, and print and digital publications. We are in the process of completing the new physical museum, which will launch us into a new phase of growth and community impact. Additionally, we are in the process of assisting with a structural and esthetic upgrade to the Virtual Museum.

Thanks to the partnership and generosity of so many people in the community, the Foundation is pleased to be announcing the reemergence of the Museum, one of the most regarded cornerstones of history, art and culture in the city of Milwaukee. After nearly a decade in which the Virtual Museum was the principal manifestation of Dr. Cameron’s legacy, our new physical museum, is scheduled to open later this year. Opening events, celebrations, scheduled tours and of course the new museum building’s official reopening are all in the works. To set the Museum up for ongoing success, we are hiring a full-time, Executive Director (ED) to begin writing the next chapter in our collective history.

Position Overview

The ideal candidate is an action-oriented and entrepreneurial professional who can articulate a compelling vision that connects to the community and stakeholders. They will be able to attract stakeholders, donors, partners, and members to the Museum to enhance its growth and success. He or she will be a confident, welcoming, and enthusiastic public speaker.

A strong candidate will need to demonstrate a commitment to developing community-based, inclusive programming, coupled with a business mind that can envision and execute creative, sustainable business models. The Museum needs someone who is innovative and imaginative yet grounded in delivering tangible results against clear operating and programming objectives.

The ED must be a confident leader who knows how to provide clarity, balance priorities, and establish a culture of accountability to successfully advance the mission of the organization.

The new ED will play a key role in continuing the development and implementation of the organization’s vision for the future and its programmatic trajectory. Along with a team, the ED will care deeply about sharing the under told stories of African Americans and working to build racial repair, reconciliation and healing.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the ED will provide overall leadership for the Museum’s operations including fundraising, financial management and reporting, community engagement, coaching, mentoring and developing staff, and expanding the museum’s membership and impact. Given the Museum’s prominent role in the city, the ED will be a key leader in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. The Museum also has national and international significance, and he or she will need to be a spokesperson at these levels. The ED will initially be the first full time staff member, holding responsibility for nearly all aspects of operations, programs, and leadership. There is a part time Administrative Assistant already employed with the Museum.

Key Position Priorities

Community Engagement Activities

As the external face of the organization, the ED will be a visible presence in the community to further build the organization’s profile and increase membership and community participation in programs and events. Building trust and credibility with all stakeholders associated with the Museum will be essential for the next ED, given its deep roots as a community gathering place and cultural institution.  The new ED will invest the time necessary to get to know the organization, its staff, consultants, volunteers, its Board, current partners and donors, and members of the community.  They will continue to cultivate existing relationships with partners and establish new partnerships.

Fund Development

The ED will create and sustain the Museum fundraising efforts to ensure the organization’s future success and financial security. Working in close collaboration with the Board of Directors, the ED will formulate and execute comprehensive development, marketing, and branding strategies. The ED will cultivate major donors, individual giving, membership programs, and support major annual fundraising events.

Strategic Vision Setting

The ED, in partnership with the Board of Directors, will develop a strategic plan that is bold, innovative, and inclusive of the staff and the community they serve. They will ensure that the Museum continues to rigorously evaluate and improve upon all elements of its business model and program base so that it remains on the cutting edge and is positioned for expansion. The ED will use their business acumen to leverage the many facets of the museum to promote additional streams of revenue.

Financial Management

The ED will manage the budget and will help create financial strategies and forward-looking projections to guide organizational priorities and decision making. In partnership with the Board of Directors, they will develop comprehensive financial reports including long-range forecasts and will maintain an environment of financial accountability. The ED will rely upon their understanding of fiscal operations to ensure the financial and operational strength of the Museum.

Facility & Operations Responsibilities

The ED will handle much of the Museum’s day-to-day management, ranging from museum facilities management to scheduling programs and partnering with the management of the Virtual Museum. The ED will be responsible for the maintenance of the property and the operation of the Museum, as well as the collections.

Organizational Oversight and Leadership

With the support of the Board of Directors, the ED will ensure the Museum has the resources, staff, systems, museum expertise, and infrastructure in place for continued growth and success. They will support the staff and partners by providing opportunities for professional development and will mentor, empower, and coach individuals with a deliberate intention of creating a strong, cohesive team.


  • At least five years of demonstrated success leading dynamic teams and growing programs or organizations.
  • Demonstrated success working collaboratively with diverse groups of people.
  • Track record in successful fund development approaches.
  • Professional experience as a key spokesperson for a program and/or organization.
  • A high level of financial literacy and discipline is required.
  • Knowledge of the intricacies of running a revenue generating enterprise.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required. An advanced degree is desirable.
  • Clear understanding of working with a Board of Directors is desirable.
  • Experience such as curating or managing exhibits and historical artifacts desirable.

Candidate Application Instructions

For full consideration, please email all three items below, combined into one document, to, no later than 8:00 a.m. CT May 17, 2019.

  1. A letter articulating your interest in the Museum and your fit for the role, as well as a description of your salary parameters;
  2. A detailed and updated resume; and
  3. The names of, your relationship to, and contact information for, three professional references.

Please note:

  • References will not be contacted until a candidate has been notified
  • Background and verification checks will subsequently be performed, with candidate permission, and are required to be hired for this position
  • All inquiries and interactions with potential candidates are kept in confidence

The Dr. James Cameron Legacy Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and committed to a diverse, multicultural work environment. The Foundation does not discriminate in employment on the basis of age, race, creed, gender identity, religion, marital status, veteran’s status, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. The Foundation is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community.

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  1. Darion Evans on May 15, 2019 at 4:06 AM

    I don’t meet the requirements. I have met Dr. Camron on several occasions years ago. He took me on a personal tour and i bought his book. I hoe the person who gets this job truly recognizes the horror we as a people went through and are still going though. I will be advid donator once i see the progress and education to the community.

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