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A man stands in front of the Djingareyber mosque on February 4, 2016 in Timbuktu, central Mali. 
Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu on February 4 celebrated the recovery of its historic mausoleums, destroyed during an Islamist takeover of northern Mali in 2012 and rebuilt thanks to UN cultural agency UNESCO.
African Peoples Before Captivity
Shackles from Slave Ship Henrietta Marie
Kidnapped: The Middle Passage
Enslaved family picking cotton
Nearly Three Centuries Of Enslavement
1st Black Men Elected to Congress
Reconstruction: A Brief Glimpse of Freedom
The Lynching of Laura Nelson_May_1911 200x200
One Hundred Years of Jim Crow
Civil Rights protest in Alabama
I Am Somebody! The Struggle for Justice
Black Lives Matter movement
NOW: Free At Last?
#15-Beitler photo best TF reduced size
Memorial to the Victims of Lynching
hands raised black background
The Freedom-Lovers’ Roll Call Wall
Frozen custard in Milwaukee's Bronzeville
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ABHM is operated by the nonprofit Dr. James Cameron Legacy Foundation. 

The Dr. James Cameron Legacy Foundation Board of Directors:

Dr. Ralph Hollman

Dr. Ralph Hollman, President of Hollmon Consulting, Milwaukee Urban League (retired) – Board President








Dr. Russell Brooker

Dr. Russell Brooker, Professor of Political Science, Alverno College – Treasurer








Virgil Cameron

Virgil Cameron, County of Milwaukee (retired) – Secretary








Michelle Hinton

Michelle Ford-Hinton, Director of Population Health and Well Being, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities – Chair of Nominations Committee








Aaron Bledsoe

Aaron Bledsoe, Communications and Event Coordinator, LISC Milwaukee








Reuben Harpole

Reuben Harpole, Bader Philanthropies (retired)








Moshe Katz, Owner, Atid Properties

Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh, Director of Special Education, Milwaukee Public Schools









See Staff members' bios and headshots below.


  • Amanda Garry Aliperta, Fund Development
  • Kim Eubanks, Volunteer Coordination/Human Resources
  • Reggie JacksonABHM Head GriotNurturing Diveristy Partners
  • Dr. Fran KaplanABHM’s Virtual Museum CoordinatorNurturing Diveristy Partners
  • Brad Pruitt, Executive Consultant
  • Dr. Robert S. Smith, Resident Historian, Marquette University

See Consultants' bios and headshots below.



Dr. Bert Davis

Dr. Robert “Bert” M. Davis, President & CEO

Former CEO of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, Dr. Davis became the new President/CEO of ABHM on September 3rd, 2019. Dr. Davis brings both the commitment and combination of skills and experience in leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management to help make the long-awaited reopening of the museum successful for generations to come.





Cydney Key

Cydney Key, Director of Operations

Cydney, an experienced real-estate and non-profit management professional, was hired as Executive Assistant in September of 2018 and was promoted to Director of Operations in March of 2020. As Director of Operations, Cydney oversees all administrative and facilities management, relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and supervises the Operations Staff and Volunteer Coordinator.





Mia Phifer

Mia Phifer, Executive Assistant to the President/CEO
Mia is a Public Historian and Museum Professional who started working on behalf of ABHM as a consultant in September of 2018. In March 2020, she was promoted to Executive Assistant to the President/CEO. In addition to the duties of Executive Assistant, Mia’s roles also include assisting with developing operations and strategic plans, communications, fund development, and programming.





Brad Pruitt

Brad Pruitt

Brad Pruitt, Executive Consultant, former ED, began work on the museum’s reemergence in 2010, after initially being invited to work on a film exploring Dr. Cameron’s life a few years prior.

For the last decade, Brad (an award winning filmmaker, writer, producer, and director) has been working on the rebuilding of the museum. From early advocate to interim Executive Director, Brad is currently serving as Executive Consultant. He continues to work on varied projects and initiatives, from community relations and engagement to strategic planning, fundraising, and organizational and physical space development.




Amanda Aliperta

Amanda Garry Aliperta, Fund Development Consultant

Amanda is the Founder & Principle of Momentum Nonprofit Strategies, LLC and was hired as ABHM’s Fund Development Consultant in April of 2020. As our Fund Development Consultant, Amanda has helped with the museum’s overall development strategy, including grant writing, donor, corporate, and foundation relations, as well as with our programs.



Kim Eubanks, Human Resources + Volunteer Management Consultant

Kim has worked in the museum field for over 20 years and began volunteering her time and services with ABHM in the summer of 2019. In March of 2020, Kim was hired as the museum’s Human Resources and Volunteer Coordinator Consultant to lead ABHM’s planning, recruitment, training, management, and evaluation process for our volunteers, staff, and consultants.

Dr. Rob Smith

Dr. Robert Smith, Resident Historian

Dr. Rob has been the resident historian for ABHM, alongside his roles as the Harry G. John Professor of History and the Director of the Center for Urban Research, Teaching & Outreach (CURTO) at Marquette University. Rob's research and teaching interests include African American history, civil rights history, and exploring the intersections of race and law. He has helped further position ABHM as an Academic Center of Excellence by bringing his scholarship to our internal infrastructure and programmatic elements.




Dr. Fran Kaplan

Dr. Fran Kaplan, Virtual Museum Coordinator/Consultant

Dr. Fran Kaplan is the Co-Founder and Lead Trainer/Consultant for Nurturing Diversity Partners. Fran holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and a Master of Social Work. She has spent fifty-five years working against poverty and for social justice and peace locally, nationally, and internationally. She founded ABHM's Virtual Museum and was part of the group of community volunteers who worked to rebirth the physical museum. Fran has served as an adult educator, social worker, community organizer, and executive, program, and training director in farmworker rights, women’s healthcare, child protection, parenting education, and public history. Dr. Kaplan and her work were commended in the 2017 U.S. Congressional Record and the National Association of Social Workers’ 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award, among many other honors.



Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson, Educational Programming Consultant

Reggie is the Co-Founder and Lead Trainer/Consultant for Nurturing Diversity Partners. He volunteered as ABHM's Head Griot from 2003 and was part of the group of community volunteers who worked to reestablish the physical museum. Reggie has been a much sought-after speaker, researcher, and writer for over a decade – regionally and nationally. His work helps institutions and individuals understand how our country’s racial hierarchy developed historically, its impact on our lives today, and how we can realize America’s promise for all citizens. Reggie shares seldom-told stories and facts about the experiences of African-Americans and other peoples of color past and present. His award-winning online column and other writing and speaking provide background on current racial issues to regional, national, and international media.








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  1. Ruth A. Freeman on March 22, 2021 at 7:05 PM

    Are you located in Wisconsin state? Do you have to pay to visit the museum? Are there any discounts for seniors, if a payment is required? Are you currently open today? I saw the video clip about Dr. James Cameron on youtube and I am interested in visiting the museum.

    • dr_fran on April 7, 2021 at 5:18 PM

      Yes, the museum is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Due to covid restrictions, our physical galleries are not open at this time, but will be once it’s safe to gather. The best way to get information about the re-opening is to subscribe to our newsletter, The Griot. See the subscription box on our home page.

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