Trivia Puzzles

This Week In History (Nov. 26th - Dec. 2nd, 2023)
Word Search Puzzle

1) On November 26, 1970 Charles _______ became the first Black playwright to be honored with the Pulitzer Prize, recognized for his outstanding work in 'No Place to Be Somebody.'
2) Charles _______ won the National Book Award for Fiction for 'Middle Passage' on November 27, 1990.
3) Ernie _____ made history on November 28, 1961, becoming the first Black recipient of the Heisman Trophy.
4) ________ Marshall, the first Black Supreme Court Justice, was born on November 29, 1908.
5) On November 30, 1912, the world welcomed the birth of the iconic photographer and filmmaker, ______ Parks.
6) On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. _____'s order to give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled.
7) Track star John ______, aged twenty-six, passed away on December 2, 1908, in Philadelphia, succumbing to typhoid pneumonia at his home. He is best known for being the first Black athlete to not only compete for the US internationally, but also the first to win gold at the Olympic Games.

This Week In History (Nov. 12th - Nov. 18th, 2023)
Word Search Puzzle

This Week In History Word Search 11.12-11.181.) Alex Haley was honored with the Spingarn Medal on November 12, 1977 in recognition of his historical, poignant and expansive book entitled _____.
2.) Dwight ______, a pitcher for the New York Mets, became the youngest pitcher ever to win the prestigious Cy Young Award on November 13, 1985. .
3.) On November 13, 1951 Ballerina Janet _______ makes history as the first Black dancer to appear with the Metropolitan Opera Company.
4.) Father of the Blues, WC _____, was born in Florence, Alabama on November 16, 1873.
5.)Born on November 18, 1787, ________ Truth was a trailblazing advocate for the abolition of slavery and a champion for women's rights.
6.) The initial capture of George Latimer in ______ on November 17, 1842 marked the beginning of the fugitive slave cases, which caused deep resentment in both the North and South.

This Week In History (Nov. 5th - Nov. 11th, 2023)
Hidden Word Puzzle

1.) On November 10, 1957 Charlie _______ became the first African American person to win a professional golf tournament at the Long Beach Open.

2.) Elijah P. _______, one of the White heroes of Black history, is killed by a pro-slavery mob while defending his anti-slavery newspaper in Alton, Ohio.

3.) On November 5, 1968 Shirley ________ becomes first Black woman to be elected to Congress, representing Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NYC. 

*4.) Granville T. _____ patents the electric railway. He was one of the most prolific Black engineers and inventors in U.S. history. 

5.) On November 7, 1876 the HBCU, _______ Medical College was founded at Central Tennessee College.

6.) He is generally considered America’s first Black scientist. He constructed the first clock made in America, completed the design and layout of Washington, D.C., published a farmer’s almanac, studied astronomy and predicted solar eclipses.

7.) On November 11, 1831 Nat ______ is executed after leading a slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia The minister and mystic told reporters God had called on him to lead the revolt, which left 55 Whites dead.

8.) Crystal Bird ______ became the first African American woman elected to State Legislature in the U.S., representing the 18th District of Philadelphia, PA.

9.) James Weldon __________ composed “Lift Every Voice And Sing.” The song became the “Black National Anthem.”

10.) The “Slave Revolt On The ______” occurred when 125 Black slaves overpowered the crew of the slave ship ________ and sailed it to the Bahamas where they were granted freedom and political asylum.

*4.) Is the week's bonus question.

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