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A man stands in front of the Djingareyber mosque on February 4, 2016 in Timbuktu, central Mali. 
Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu on February 4 celebrated the recovery of its historic mausoleums, destroyed during an Islamist takeover of northern Mali in 2012 and rebuilt thanks to UN cultural agency UNESCO.
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Memorial to the Victims of Lynching
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Name Murdered In Date
2 Unknown NegroesLiberty - TexasFeb/19/1889
2 Unknown NegroesBurnet - TexasNov/13/1891
2 Unknown NegroesMexia - TexasAug/14/1890
Unknown NegroAnderson - TexasAug/8/1890
Unknown NegroAntlers - TexasJun/28/1890
Unknown NegroBeaumont - TexasJun/4/1913
Unknown NegroBig Sandly - TexasMay/9/1915
Unknown NegroCameron Station - TexasApr/24/1890
Unknown NegroElysian Fields - TexasJul/23/1917
Unknown NegroHedsville - TexasMar/27/1890
Unknown NegroLivingston - TexasJun/20/1890
Unknown NegroMillican - TexasMay/7/1889
Unknown NegroParis - TexasSep/19/1892
Unknown NegroRiesil - TexasApr/26/1892
Unknown NegroThornton - TexasApr/5/1890
Unknown NegroYarborough - TexasAug/31/1893
AndersonMarshall - TexasFeb/25/1913
William ArmorParis - TexasSep/6/1892
Charles BealleLang - TexasJan/1/1891
Edward BennettHearne - TexasMay/12/1890
James BrooksOrange - TexasAug/14/1889
Gene BrownBenhur - TexasJul/27/1918
Thomas BrownHooks Ferry - TexasJun/1/1890
John BrownNavasota - TexasAug/4/1890
Stephen BrownSeymour - TexasAug/7/1916
William ButlerHickory Creek - TexasFeb/17/1893
Bessie CabanissHuntsville - TexasJun/4/1918
Cute CabanissHuntsville - TexasJun/4/1918
Pete CabanissHuntsville - TexasJun/4/1918
Sarah CabanissHuntsville - TexasJun/4/1918
Tenola CabanissHuntsville - TexasJun/4/1918
Thomas CabanissHuntsville - TexasJun/4/1918
Tobe CookBastrop - TexasJun/10/1892
William DavisFranklin - TexasSep/21/1913
Dan DavisTyler - TexasMay/25/1912
Henry DavisWaco - TexasJul/14/1889
Thomas DixonHempstead - TexasMay/5/1916
George DriggsHempstead - TexasApr/15/1889
Joseph DurfeeAngleton - TexasOct/17/1914
Henry GainesSpurger - TexasJun/28/1892
Richard GallowayNewton County - TexasJun/5/1913
Simeon GarretteSan Augustine - TexasApr/20/1890
Kirby GoolsieBeaumont - TexasMay/27/1918
Leo GreenLiden - TexasOct/26/1891
Gilbert GuldryOrange - TexasJul/3/1917
Benjamin HarperCourtney - TexasJun/22/1917
William HartfieldCass County - TexasJun/28/1891
William HawkinsCypress - TexasJul/30/1890
Elijah HaysReisel - TexasJun/23/1917
Patrick HenryNechesville - TexasJul/3/1890
George HughesSherman - TexasMay/9/1930
Mary JacksonMarshall - TexasFeb/13/1912
Stephen JacobsFay - TexasApr/20/1890
Robert JeffersonTemple - TexasJun/29/1917
Charles JenningsBeaumont - TexasSep/3/1917
Washington JessWaco - TexasMay/15/1916
Jaseph JohnsonBay City - TexasNov/5/1916
William JohnsonHenderson - TexasJul/22/1891
George JohnsonHoney Grove - TexasMay/18/1930
Charles JonesMarshall - TexasAug/22/1917
Edward LangRice - TexasAug/19/1916
Davis LeeJefferson - TexasJan/8/1914
Jeronimo LermaBrownsville - TexasJun/20/1916
George LewisBelen - TexasJul/26/1889
George LindleyGreenville - TexasJul/28/1889
Henry MonsonParis - TexasJan/17/1913
Abe O'NealBuff Lake - TexasSep/18/1918
Robert PerryKarnach - TexasFeb/25/1903
John RansomParis - TexasSept/6/1892
Thomas RebinDouglas - TexasFeb/17/1891
King RichmondSulphur Springs - TexasAug/29/1915
William RoaneBryan - TexasJun/17/1930
William RobertsonNavasota - TexasJun/7/1914
Thomas RowlandDouglas - TexasFeb/24/1891
George SaundersMarshall - TexasFeb/13/1912
Charles SawyerGalveston - TexasJun/25/1917
Munn SheppardCass County - TexasJun/28/1891
Charles ShipmanFt Bend County - TexasNov/14/1918
Bert SmithGoose Creek - TexasSep/21/1917
Henry SmithParis - TexasJan/31/1893
Thomas SmithSpurger - TexasJun/28/1892
William SpencerGraceton - TexasOct/5/1916
Richard StanleyFullbright - TexasJan/23/1913
William SullivanPlantersville - TexasSep/23/1892
Jerry TeelSan Augustine - TexasApr/24/1890
Buck ThomasClarksville - TexasNov/29/1916
Willie VinsonTexarkana - TexasJul/13/1942
John WalkerParis - TexasSept/6/1892
William WilliamsHearne - TexasMar/13/1914
WilliamsKosse - TexasApr/5/1890
George WilliamsWaco - TexasJun/14/1893
Prince WoodSpurger - TexasJun/28/1892
Andy YoungRed R County - TexasJul/22/1890
Lige DanielsCenter - TXAugust/3/1920

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