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Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu on February 4 celebrated the recovery of its historic mausoleums, destroyed during an Islamist takeover of northern Mali in 2012 and rebuilt thanks to UN cultural agency UNESCO.
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Memorial to the Victims of Lynching
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Name Murdered In Date
Unknown NegroForest Hill - TennesseeFeb/11/1893
Unknown NegroJellico - TennesseeDec/7/1892
Unknown NegroLewisburg - TennesseeAug/5/1903
Unknown NegroLewisburg - TennesseeAug/5/1903
Unknown NegroMemphis - TennesseeFeb/15/1912
Unknown NegroNashville - TennesseeDec/15/1892
Unknown NegroNewcastle - TennesseeJun/23/1897
Unknown NegroParsons - TennesseeApr/25/1895
Unknown NegroSouth Pittsburg - TennesseeSep/26/1900
Unknown NegroTrenton - TennesseeJun/30/1896
Unknown NegroWaynesboro - TennesseeMar/4/1892
2 Unknown NegroesLake County - TennesseeJul/22/1907
2 Unknown NegroesWebb City - TennesseeFeb/17/1897
3 Unknown NegroesClifton - TennesseeDec/6/1911
4 Unknown NegroesCaney Springs - TennesseeOct/7/1901
Robert AlexanerRipley - TennesseeJan/3/1904
Charles AllenMcKenzie - TennesseeNov/15/1896
James BallCharlotte - TennesseeJul/7/1894
Frank BallardJackson - TennesseeJune/11894
William BellDixon County - TennesseeJuly/14/1894
Alexander BellMt Pelia - TennesseeOct/5/1892
Luther BillingsBrunswick - TennesseeOct/10/1905
Dennis BlackwellAlamo - TennesseeAug/27/1892
Andy BlountChattanooga - TennesseeFeb/14/1983
Green BomanShelbyville - TennesseeFeb/19/1912
Joseph BrakeRipley - TennesseeDec/10/1903
Thomas BrooksSommerville - TennesseeApr/28/1915
Curtis BrownNewburn - TennesseeOct/8/1902
Charles BrownSoddy - TennesseeFeb/26/1897
Robert BruceTiptonville - TennesseeSep/13/1910
Garfield BurleyNewburn - TennesseeOct/8/1902
George CallLynchburg - TennesseeJan/17/1899
William ChambersBellbuckle - TennesseeAug/11/1899
Robert ClarkBristol - TennesseeJun/131891
Samuel ClayMartin - TennesseeJun/121896
Walter ColeMorgan County - TennesseeJan/21/1908
John CollarGodson - TennesseeMar/21/1898
Nimrod CrossSardis - TennesseeJul/6/1896
Patrick CrumpWhite Haven - TennesseeJun/1/1911
Balli CrutchfieldRome - TennesseeMar/16/1901
John DavisLewisburg - TennesseeNov/13/1902
Thomas DevertErwin - TennesseeMay/20/1918
Samuel M DonaldHuntingdon - TennesseeNov/19/1986
York DouglasMcMinnville - TennesseeApr/17/1896
L C DumasGleason - TennesseeJun/8/1893
Jeff EllisBraden - TennesseeOct/15/1895
George EstesHales Point - TennesseeOct/29/1906
Eugene Eugene VancyManchester - TennesseeOct/15/1895
Charles EverettManchester - TennesseeMay/19/1892
Harrison FullerLexington - TennesseeJan/8/1892
John GamblePikeville - TennesseeOct/22/1893
Anderson GanseHenning - TennesseeJan/16/1900
Elmo HowardPulaski - TennesseeMay/8/1908
Henry GiveneyRipley - TennesseeJan/9/1900
Roger GiveneyRipley - TennesseeJan/9/1900
Albert GoodenCovington - TennesseeAug/17/1937
Lampson GregoryBells Depot - TennesseeMar/6/1894
John GregsonUnion City - TennesseeMar/21/1913
Walter GrerShelbyville - TennesseeFeb/19/1912
Henry GriggardGoodlettsville - TennesseeApr/28/1892
Ephriam GroggardNashville - TennesseeApr/30/1892
Ronce GwynTullahoma - TennesseeMar/8/1905
Edward HallMillington - TennesseeSep/1/1894
Daniel HawkinsMillington - TennesseeSep/1/1894
Jonn HayesMillington - TennesseeSep/1/1894
Joseph HayneJellico - TennesseeFeb/26/1893
Robert HaynesMillington - TennesseeSep/1/1894
Frinch HaynieHendersonville - TennesseeFeb/16/1891
Thomas HuntleyCumberland Gap - TennesseeMar/26/1891
Charles HurdWartburg - TennesseeNov/21/1895
James James ScalesPikeville - TennesseeNov/23/1944
Edward JohnsonChattanooga - TennesseeMar/19/1906
Jerry JohnsonFarmington - TennesseeSep/3/1895
George JohnsonMurfreesboro - TennesseeAug/28/1908
Charles JonesElk Valley - TennesseeJun/24/1903
Jessie JonesJellico - TennesseeMar/19/1893
Hugh JonesMiddleton - TennesseeJul/14/1908
Fred KingDyersburg - TennesseeFeb/18/1901
"Doc" KingFayetteville - TennesseeSep/6/1895
Loeb LandersDresden - TennesseeAug/1/1892
Albert LawsonParis - TennesseeJul/20/1909
William LewisTullahoma - TennesseeAug/25/1891
Thomas LillardWoodbury - TennesseeJul/1/1892
G W LychEstill Springs - TennesseeFeb/10/1918
Wyatt MallorySpringfield - TennesseeApr/29/1901
Mrs MartinSummer County - TennesseeFeb/3/1892
Martin MayberryBryant Station - TennesseeApr/2/1891
Walter McClennonHuntingdon - TennesseeOct/4/1901
Calvin McDonnellMemphis - TennesseeMar/8/1892
Ozias McGaheyFayetteville - TennesseeNov/29/1895
Henry McGreegPioneer - TennesseeFeb/11/1894
Jim McIlheronEstill Springs - TennesseeFeb/12/1918
Joseph MitchellMcConnell - TennesseeNov/13/1891
Joseph MitchellRives - TennesseeMay/27/1898
Henry MontgomeryLewisburg - TennesseeApr/18/1894
Thomas MossMemphis - TennesseeMar/8/1892
David NealShelbyville - TennesseeFeb/19/1912
William NershbredRossville - TennesseeAug/12/1894
Henry NolesWinchester - TennesseeApr/25/1901
Berry NoyesLexington - TennesseeApr/22/1918
James PerryKnoxville - TennesseeJun/10/1894
Eli PersonMemphis - TennesseeMay/22/1917
Quinten RankinWalnut Log - TennesseeOct/19/1908
Logan ReamsDuplex - TennesseeSep/10/1900
Jesse F ReedLocality Unknown (Tennessee)Dec/14/1892
Lewis RiceRipley - TennesseeMar/23/1900
Irwin RobertsShady Valley - TennesseeDec/17/1892
Joseph RobinsonFayetteville - TennesseeNov/29/1895
Jacob SamuelsRobertson County - TennesseeMay/27/1912
Henry SandersLavernia - TennesseeMar/13/1891
Ligon ScottDyersburg - TennesseeDec/2/1917
Bradford ScottPinson - TennesseeMar/10/1891
Thomas SeaceyHaywood - TennesseeApr/29/1904
William SharpTiptonville - TennesseeSep/13/1910
John ShawLynchburg - TennesseeJan/17/1899
Lawrence SheppardMemphis - TennesseeAug/24/1917
Frank SimpsonLexington - TennesseeJan/8/1896
Allen SmallLynchburg - Tennessee1340
John SmartChapelton - TennesseeNov/191898
Needham SmithTipton County - TennesseeNov/10/1894
George SmithUnion City - TennesseeApr/17/1931
Jacob StaplesHeiskell's Station - TennesseeFeb/19/1890
Edward StevensSavannah - TennesseeNov/17/1890
Edward StinebackTiptonville - TennesseeNov/24/1908
Marshall StinebackTiptonville - TennesseeNov/24/1908
Tennes StinebackTiptonville - TennesseeNov/24/1908
William StuartMemphis - TennesseeMar/8/1892
James SweetGallatin - TennesseeMay/25/1911
Charles TaitMemphis - TennesseeAug/21/1893
Harriet TalleyPetersburg - TennesseeMar/20/1895
William TaylorFranklin - TennesseeApr/30/1891
R E TaylorWalnut Log - TennesseeOct/19/1908
John TelleyDyersburg - TennesseeNov/7/1913
William ThomasDyersburg - TennesseeMar/10/1916
ThompsonDyer - TennesseeJuly/5/1891
Richmond ThurmondRipley - TennesseeAug/8/1898
James UnderwoodDecatur - TennesseeMay/121902
Ben WallingDecaturville - TennesseeJul/19/1891
Charles WashingtonMine Lick - TennesseeJun/23/1898
Green WellsLocality Unknown (Tennessee)May/26/1891
Enless WhitakesLynchburg - TennesseeFeb/6/1902
Graham WhiteMillington - TennesseeSep/1/1894
William WhitleyLebanon - TennesseeMar/1/1916
Elbert WilliamsBrownsville - TennesseeJun/22/1940
Henry WilliamsGadsen - TennesseeMar/16/1890
John WilliamsJackson - TennesseeSep/14/1893
Warner WilliamsMillington - TennesseeSep/1/1894
John WilliamsMountain City - TennesseeSep/26/1898
WilliamsTiptonville - TennesseeOct/3/1900
Tony WilliamsonWest Point - TennesseeJul/15/1897
Heck WillisLebanon - TennesseeMay/31/1892
WilsonDresden - TennesseeSep/4/1915
John WinstonLafayette - TennesseeJun/8/1911
Thomas WoodwardHumboldt - TennesseeAug/18/1890

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