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Name Murdered In Date
F B BakerLake City - South CarolinaFeb/22/1898
W D SimsYork - South CarolinaAug/24/1917
2 Unknown NegroesNorway - South CarolinaJuly/1/1903
Michael AdamsBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Dora BakerLake City - South CarolinaFeb/221898
Hayward BanksColumbia - South CarolinaMay/10/1893
Peter BellBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Walter BestFairfax - South CarolinaFeb/23/1918
William BlackBarnwell - South CarolinaJan/11/1890
James BlackRavenals - South CarolinaJun/5/1902
William BlakeHampton - South CarolinaDec/7/1895
William BrewingtonWadis Station - South CarolinaJan/26/1889
Joseph BronsonBlacksburg - South CarolinaMar/29/1912
Lawrence BrownStilton - South CarolinaJan/6/1897
William BurtsBasket Mills - South CarolinaFeb/17/1900
Jesse ButlerAiken County - South CarolinaJuly/20/1903
Andy CaldwellRidgewater - South CarolinaJun/22/1889
Rose CarsonElloree - South CarolinaJuly/13/1914
Flute ClarkLittle Mountain - South CarolinaNov/26/1910
Benjamin CollinsPhoenix - South CarolinaNov/10/1898
Simmon CooperSumter - South CarolinaJan/8/1897
William CornishPort Royal - South CarolinaJuly/21/1901
Anthony CrawfordAbbeville - South CarolinaOct/21/1916
Jeff CrawfordBethune - South CarolinaJun/2/1894
Frank Da LoachBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/20/1905
John Da LoachBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/20/1905
Tut DanfordMt Carmel - South CarolinaMay/17/1889
Jeff DarlingPhoenix - South CarolinaNov/9/1898
Arthur DavisFlorence - South CarolinaJan/6/1906
Jacob DavisGreenwood - South CarolinaAug/23/1893
Robert DavisGreenwood - South CarolinaAug/30/1906
Mark DavisNewberry - South CarolinaNov/15/1906
Daniel DicksEllenton - South CarolinaJuly/18/1893
Alfred DublinOlar - South CarolinaMar/13/1912
Richard DublinOlar - South CarolinaMar/13/1912
Willie EarlePickens County - South CarolinaJuly/7/1947
Reub ElrodPiedmont - South CarolinaJul/1/1903
Rose EtheridgePhoenix - South CarolinaNov/9/1898
Robert EthridgeMont Willing - South CarolinaAug/20/1906
Charles EvansNorway - South CarolinaJul/11/1903
John FaglerRose Station - South CarolinaNov/28/1903
Henry FittsNorway - South CarolinaDec/21/1912
Hugh FurzBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Harry GillLancaster - South CarolinaJune/3/1894
Sam GillardSpecific Unknown (South Carolina)May/6/1893
Eliza GoodeGreenwood - South CarolinaNov/18/1898
James GrayGolboro - South CarolinaJuly/23/1897
Allen GreenWalhalla - South CarolinaApr/24/1930
William GrierCoward - South CarolinaDec/4/1914
HainesThickety - South CarolinaJul/14/1901
Essex HarrisonPhoenix - South CarolinaNov/10/1898
Dennis HeadAiken County - South CarolinaJul/20/1903
George HudsonTrenton - South CarolinaJun/21907
Moses HughesUnion - South CarolinaJun/14/1906
David HunterClinton - South CarolinaJan/41898
Willis JacksonGreenville - South CarolinaOct/10/1911
Columbus JacksonPhoenix - South CarolinaNov/9/1898
Ira JacksonPiedmont - South CarolinaJuly/15/1895
Daniel JenkinsUnion - South CarolinaJune/21/1930
Hudson JohnsonBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Ripley JohnsonBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Henry JohnsonCentral - South CarolinaDec/3/1890
Judge JonesBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Hannah KearseColleton County - South CarolinaDec/5/1895
Isom KearseColleton County - South CarolinaDec/5/1895
Robert KennedySpartanburg - South CarolinaNov/8/1893
Melville KennedyWindsor - South CarolinaFeb/29/1896
John LadisonAnderson County - South CarolinaNov/24/1901
Willie LeaphartLexington - South CarolinaMay/5/1890
General LeeDorchester County - South CarolinaJan/15/1904
Richard LundyEdgefield Court House - South CarolinaDec/10/1891
James "Jim" MckieEdgefield Court House - South CarolinaOct/23/1898
James MasonAbbeville County - South CarolinaJuly/14/1894
Duncan McFattonCheraw - South CarolinaNov/18/1892
Hampton McKennyPhoenix - South CarolinaNov/9/1898
A McKnightUnion City - South CarolinaJune/28/1889
Dub MeetzeLexington County - South CarolinaJuly/18/1893
Rafe MonollBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Charles NelsonJefferson - South CarolinaNov/24/1903
Louis PatrickBayne - South CarolinaJune/18/1899
Allen PendletonAbbeville - South CarolinaSept/20/1905
Robert J PhoenixBarnwell - South CarolinaDec/28/1889
Thomas PriceWestville - South CarolinaApr/23/1896
Richard PuckettLaurens - South CarolinaAug/12/1913
John RichardsAbbeville - South CarolinaNov/24/1895
Peter RiversOlar - South CarolinaMar/13/1812
Charles RobinsonElko - South CarolinaJan/16/1901
Rufus SalterWest Springs - South CarolinaJan/11/1900
Frank SamuelsBranchville - South CarolinaJun/11/1909
Allen SeymourHampton - South CarolinaDec/16/1914
David ShawGray Court - South CarolinaMay/31/1892
Tuillie SimmonsBranchville - South CarolinaJun/11/1909
Jules SmithWinnsboro - South CarolinaJune/14/1915
William SpainSt George - South CarolinaAug/22/1906
William StokesColleton County - South CarolinaJune/26/1895
Luther SullivanEdgefield Court House - South CarolinaOct/23/1898
John TaylorChesterfield County - South CarolinaJul/5/1904
William ThomasNewberry - South CarolinaNov/23/1912
Bruce TisdaleAndrews - South CarolinaFeb/15/1941
Sam TurnerKingstree - South CarolinaDec/29/1897
Unknown NegroBerkley County - South CarolinaMay/9/1892
Unknown NegroBerkley County - South CarolinaMay/16/1892
Unknown NegroHampton - South CarolinaOct/21/1901
Unknown NegroLancaster - South CarolinaJun/3/1894
Unknown NegroLandrum - South CarolinaNov/29/1894
Unknown NegroLexington - South CarolinaJan/6/1909
Unknown NegroLincoln County - South CarolinaJuly/6/1896
Unknown NegroMarion County - South CarolinaMay/7/1907
Unknown NegroOrangeburg - South CarolinaJan/8/1897
Unknown NegroSaluda - South CarolinaFeb/13/1897
Unknown NegroWaterloo - South CarolinaSept/1/1904
Thomas WattsAbbeville - South CarolinaNov/24/1895
Fred WhisonantBlacksburg - South CarolinaMar/29/1912
Nathan WhiteQuaker Creek - South CarolinaNov/28/1892
Mrs WidemanTroy - South CarolinaDec/27/1902
Oliver WidemanTroy - South CarolinaDec/27/1902
Cairo WilliamScranton - South CarolinaJun/20/1904
Drayton WilliamsPhoenix - South CarolinaNov/9/1898
Jesse WilliamsPhoenix - South CarolinaNov/9/1898
Dillard WilsonShiloh - South CarolinaNov/24/1914

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