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Name Murdered In Date
B.S. MorrisWagoner County - OklahomaSep/16/1896
Benjamin DickersonNoble - OklahomaJan/27/1914
Bud WalkerMannford - OklahomaDec/6/1911
Carl DudleyIdabel - OklahomaApr/9/1916
CoraEufaula - OklahomaDec/21/1892
Crockett WilliamsEdmond - OklahomaAug/7/1914
Dennis SimmonsLocality Unknown - OklahomaJun/13/1913
Dr. E B WardNoble - OklahomaMay/9/1915
Edward BerryPurcell - OklahomaAug/6/1915
Edward SuddethColbert - OklahomaOct/22/1911
Father BaileyOkemah - OklahomaJul/16/1907
George WashingtonShawnee - OklahomaSept/4/1915
Henry ArgoAnadarko - OklahomaMay/31/1930
Henry ConlyGuthrie - OklahomaJun/16/1917
Henry RalstonPaul's Valley - OklahomaAug/14/1913
In Ki WishWoodward - OklahomaSept/16/1894
James GardenMannford Creek - OklahomaDec/24/1907
James WilliamsChoctaw Nation - OklahomaMar/31/1907
John CudjoWatonga - OklahomaNov/4/1913
John FormanNorman - OklahomaSept/29/1916
L.L. MagillLincoln - OklahomaJun/29/1918
Laura Nelson and SonNowata - OklahomaMay/25/1911
Marie ScottWagoner County - OklahomaMar/31/1914
NegroChickasha - OklahomaMay/23/1906
Oscar MartinHoldenville - OklahomaApr/3/1916
Peter CarterPond Creek - OklahomaAug/24/1911
Peter JohnsonDurant - OklahomaOct/1/1998
PowellNowata - OklahomaSep/29/1916
Samuel TurnerMiskogee - OklahomaJan/1/1912
Sanders FranklinOklahoma City - OklahomaAug/14/1913
Sylvester ShennienWewoka - OklahomaJun/26/1909
Unknown NegroCorenta - OklahomaAug/18/1911
Unknown NegroLawton - OklahomaSept/26/1894
Unknown NegroMadill - OklahomaNov/15/1910
Unknown NegroWagoner County - OklahomaJan/2/1913
Unknown NegroWilburton - OklahomaMar/3/1891
William CampbellPaul's Valley - OklahomaMay/25/1901

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