Milwaukee African Cultural Festival; music, food and more showcased

By Nikola Junewicz, Fox6 Milwaukee

Music and food were among the African culture celebrated at the event in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE – The African Cultural Festival returned to Milwaukee on Saturday, July 6.

It took a dedicated group of volunteers to bring the festival back for the first time since 2019.

“I see this as a unifying event for our community,” said organizer Oluwayimika Olapo. “Bringing all African people together today under one roof – the roof being the sky – and to showcase our culture.”

The festival showcased and celebrated the entire continent of Africa and its many diverse communities. 

“Africa is not one country; it is a continent,” Olapo said. “We have over 54 countries, and we have representatives from most of those countries here today.”

Organizers brought a lively montage of art, dance and music – a broad sampling – to Brown Deer Park. The Flavors of Africa tent was a must for visitors.

Fox6 has photos of the event.

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