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Memorial to the Victims of Lynching
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Name Murdered In Date
2 Unknown NegroesWest Carrol - LouisianaJan/26/1902
3 Unknown NegroesJonesville - LouisianaJul/19/1912
Unknown NegroBossier - LouisianaMay/21/1896
Unknown NegroCalcasieur - LouisianaOct/17/1902
Unknown NegroConshama - LouisianaAug/15/1926
Unknown NegroCrowley - LouisianaJul/20/1905
Unknown NegroDelhi - LouisianaApr/25/1912
Unknown NegroDoylands - LouisianaJan/24/1901
Unknown NegroGrand Bayou - LouisianaAug/21/1915
Unknown NegroIros - LouisianaAug/12/1905
Unknown NegroJones - LouisianaDec/13/1899
Unknown NegroLindsay - LouisianaJuly/27/1899
Unknown NegroMer Rouge - LouisianaDec/13/1907
Unknown NegroMunroe - LouisianaAug/9/1914
Unknown NegroMorehouse - LouisianaAug/15/1909
Unknown NegroOak Ridge - LouisianaJun/15/1898
Unknown NegroSt.James - LouisianaMay/8/1918
Unknown NegroVictoria - LouisianaApr/10/1902
Unknown NegroWhite Castle - LouisianaJan/17/1897
"Cotton"Carrolle - LouisianaMar/28/1906
Charles AlexanderPisquemine - LouisianaDec/13/1897
James AlexanderPisquemine - LouisianaDec/13/1897
Ernest AllumsLocality Unknown (Louisiana)May/4/1916
Edward AmesAllentown - LouisianaApr/22/1900
Thomas J. AmosCheneyville - LouisianaSep/1/1900
Emile AntonieGrand Prairie - LouisianaJul/30/1909
Aps ArdGreensburg - LouisianaOct/1/1909
William BellAmite - LouisianaApr/2/1898
Ovide BelzaireYoungsville - LouisianaJuly/24/1895
Oliver BibbWinona - LouisianaFeb/20/1902
George BickhamPonchatonia - LouisianaSep/21/1900
Douglas BolteQuaranrine - LouisianaOct/15/1897
Nathaniel BowmanPonchatonia - LouisianaSept/21/1900
Felton BrigmanRodessa - LouisianaMay/4/1901
Henry BrooksShreveport - LouisianaMay/11/1917
Echo BrownAmite City - LouisianaAug/9/1899
Jerry BurkeClio - LouisianaDec/22/1896
Wood BurkeBenton - LouisianaNov/28/1912
Dennis BurrelNew Orleans - LouisianaMay/6/1898
Walter ByrdWinnsboro - LouisianaSep/15/1911
Norm CadoreBaton Rouge - LouisianaDec/28/1912
James CarrMilview - LouisianaDec/27/1903
William CarrPisquemine - LouisianaMar/18/1906
Camp ClaxtonTallulah - LouisianaApril/27/1892
Thell ClaxtonTallulah - LouisianaApril/27/1892
George ClaytonMangham - LouisianaJune/18/1918
Seth CobbDevail Bluff - LouisianaJune/12/1900
Thomas CollinsBunkie - LouisianaJuly/16/1915
James ComeauxJennings - LouisianaAug/27/1913
Joseph CraddvelsTaylor Town - LouisianaNov/2/1903
Jack DavisBaldwin - LouisianaJul/14/1897
William DavisBlanchard - LouisianaMar/5/1901
J.H. DayMonroe - LouisianaJun/14/1892
Joseph DazzeleSt. Bernard - LouisianaMay/19/1896
Ely DentonRaybille - LouisianaMar/14/1910
"Dic" DicksonMinden - LouisianaJun/5/1901
Anton DomingoLafayette - LouisianaNov/29/1906
Ralph DoransRuby - LouisianaJun/28/1907
Nicholas DublanoLoreauville - LouisianaMay/13/1902
Mond DunleyMinden - LouisianaJul/13/1896
Frank DupreeForest Hill - LouisianaJun/12/1903
Munroe DurdenSylvester - LouisianaDec/2/1914
Silas EalyBossiers City - LouisianaMay/3/1907
Warren EatonMonroe - LouisianaOct/22/1913
Charles ElliottPonchatonia - LouisianaSep/21/1900
James EstesDelhi - LouisianaNov/20/1909
Felician FrancisNew Orleans - LouisianaSep/26/1895
Gilbert FrancisSt.Joseph - LouisianaFeb/29/1896
George FranklinHomer - LouisianaApr/1/1902
Edward FraySt. Peter - LouisianaJun/14/1899
Washington FurranMonroe - LouisianaOct/2/1897
Henry GardnerMonroe - LouisianaMay/15/1907
Joseph GiffordFloyd - LouisianaOct/27/1909
Isaac GloverSpringfield - LouisianaSep/14/1910
John GordonLocality Unknown (Louisiana)Aug/10/1897
Charles GriffinMonroe - LouisianaAug/7/1914
Presto GriffinMonroe - LouisianaAug/7/1914
Bub HallBastrop - LouisianaAug/7/1918
Edward HamiltonShreveport - LouisianaMay/12/1914
Louis HamiltonBossier Point - LouisianaOct/9/1896
Jess HammettVivian - LouisianaAug/29/1916
Andrew HarrisBethany - LouisianaAug/3/1908
Henry HarrisLena - LouisianaMay/15/1900
Jack HarrisConcordia - LouisianaJun/24/1903
William HarrisNew Orleans - LouisianaMar/9/1898
Scott HarveyTallulah - LouisianaApr/27/1892
Alexander HawkinsGretna - LouisianaSept/24/1896
James HeardBenton - LouisianaNov/28/1912
HearnBenton - LouisianaDec/6/1898
Nicholas HectorNew Iberia - LouisianaOct/12/1908
Bead HendersonMooringsport - LouisianaDec/11/1914
Alex HillFloyd - LouisianaOct/27/1909
Henry HillMangham - LouisianaSep/8/1909
Jim HolmesMunroe - LouisianaAug/7/1914
Emma HooperHammond - LouisianaMar/1/1917
Jim HudsonBenton - LouisianaJan/26/1918
John HugerlyAllentown - LouisianaApr/22/1900
Charles JacksonRedwood - LouisianaMay/15/1897
Mathias JacksonAlexandria - LouisianaJun/29/1911
Thomas JacksonBlanchard - LouisianaMay/13/1906
Thomas JacksonSt. Peter - LouisianaFeb/17/1901
Mark JacobBeinville - LouisianaJune/10/1892
Frank JamesBayou Sara - LouisianaJuly/15/1896
Silas JimmersonBenton - LouisianaNov/28/1912
Fred JohnsonNew Orleans - LouisianaOct/12/1917
Grant JohnsonAlden Bridge - LouisianaMay/4/1901
Gus JohnsonAmite City - LouisianaJan/19/1897
Henry JohnsonEcho - LouisianaJun/1/1907
Nubry JohnsonBaton Rouge - LouisianaOct/19/1900
Sam JohnsonGrand Cane - LouisianaSep/25/1912
Archie JoinerAmite City - LouisianaJan/19/1897
George JonesSt. Charles - LouisianaJuly/16/1899
Jim JonesRaybille - LouisianaFeb/26/1918
John C. JonesMinden - LouisianaAug/8/1946
George KennyTaylor Town - LouisianaOct/16/1903
Fred KilbourneClinton - LouisianaApr/17/1907
George KingNew Orleans - LouisianaDec/23/1892
Joseph LambFrancisville - LouisianaNov/26/1902
Cornelius LeePisquemine - LouisianaFeb/7/1903
Columbus LewisLincoln - LouisianaApr/26/1898
Jim LewisRaybille - LouisianaFeb/26/1918
Tobe LewisSylvester Station - LouisianaDec/2/1914
Watkins LewisShreveport - LouisianaDec/12/1914
Oscar LivingstonPoint a la Hache - LouisianaAug/2/1931
Bird LoveRaybille - LouisianaMar/16/1896
James McCauleyMonroe - LouisianaSep/16/1896
Vance McClureNew Iberia - LouisianaJuly/26/1892
Jerry McClyTallulah - LouisianaApr/27/1892
Isaac McGeeHomer - LouisianaJuly/27/1896
Kane McKnightSylvester Station - LouisianaDec/3/1914
George McNerlMonroe - LouisianaMar/16/1918
John MilesLocality Unknown (Louisiana)Sep/19/1908
Thomas MilesShreveport - LouisianaApr/9/1912
Robert MitchellOak Grove - LouisianaFeb/5/1908
F.C. MolandBossier - LouisianaJun/21/1905
Joseph MomasLuling - LouisianaJan/12/1896
Charles MorellEdgard - LouisianaNov/17/1898
Patrick MorrisNew Orleans - LouisianaJan/12/1896
William MorrisBalltown - LouisianaOct/12/1901
William NixonDelhi - LouisianaNov/8/1911
William OliverJefferson - LouisianaOct/1/1897
Wiltzie PageBienville - LouisianaFeb/24/1906
Andrew PiggeNew Orleans - LouisianaMar/9/1898
Frank PiperAlexandria Rapides County - LouisianaMar/9/1898
Isaac PizerShreveport - LouisianaMar/23/1896
James PorterMinden - LouisianaJuly/13/1896
Laura PoterMonroe - LouisianaAug/25/1910
Oval PoulspnOpelousas - LouisianaJan/20/1911
Will PowellRaybille - LouisianaFeb/26/1918
Sam PoydrassLake Charles - LouisianaDec/7/1901
Henry RachelShreveport - LouisianaNov/27/1909
Courtney RendrickMonroe - LouisianaJuly/13/1896
John RichardsMonroe - LouisianaMar/16/1918
R.T. RogersTallulah - LouisianaMay/29/1910
Isiah RollinPonchatonia - LouisianaSep/21/1900
RomeoSlidell - LouisianaSep/19/1914
Daniel RoutAmite - LouisianaJul/29/1917
Jerry RoutAmite - LouisianaJul/29/1917
Marvel RuffinEdgard - LouisianaJul/10/1917
Louis SenegalCarenero - LouisianaMar/24/1896
Alfred ShaufiletCalhoun - LouisianaAug/26/1906
Scott ShermanMorehouse Parish - LouisianaDec/28/1892
Singleton - ManGrant Point - LouisianaAug/11/1899
A.L. SmartMonroe - LouisianaJan/10/1896
Prophet SmithBossier - LouisianaJun/20/1901
William SmithHammond - LouisianaSep/22/1895
Walter StarkesBaldwin - LouisianaJun/12/1896
Charles StraussBunkie - LouisianaApr/16/1907
William StreetDoyline - LouisianaJune/3/1898
Jennis StursShreveport - LouisianaJuly/28/1903
U.G. TallyMcNary - LouisianaMay/26/1920
Miles TaylorClaibourne - LouisianaJul/25/1915
Joseph ThomasPisquemine - LouisianaDec/13/1897
Louis ThomasGirard - LouisianaJul/16/1905
Onexzime ThomasGrand Prairie - LouisianaJul/31/1913
Atticus ThompsonForest - LouisianaJul/13/1897
Frank ThompsonShreveport - LouisianaNov/24/1901
Thomas UnderwoodMonroe - LouisianaJun/4/1892
Thomas VitalFenton - LouisianaFeb/21/1901
Link WaggonerMinden - LouisianaSep/9/1892
Charles WashingtonMooringsport - LouisianaDec/11/1914
William WayMonroe - LouisianaAug/24/1909
Hiram WeightmanFranklin - LouisianaAug/5/1896
Sam WestLouisiana - LouisianaSep/1/1901
Edward WhiteHudson - LouisianaJun/28/1892
George WhitneyEthel - LouisianaMay/9/1910
Lamb WhittleConcordia - LouisianaJun/25/1907
Clyde WilliamMonroe - LouisianaApr/22/1918
Coat WilliamsPine Grove - LouisianaMay/15/1892
Ernest WilliamsBlanchard - LouisianaDec/16/1913
Flint WilliamsMonroe - LouisianaMar/15/1907
Frank WilliamsBlanchard - LouisianaDec/16/1913
Gus WilliamsAmite City - LouisianaJan/19/1897
Monsie WilliamsTangipahoa - LouisianaNov/16/1905
R.C. WilliamsRuston - LouisianaOct/13/1938
Robert WilliamsConcordia Parish - LouisianaSep/14/1892
James WilsonGibsland - LouisianaJun/11/1911
Thoms WilsonBatchelor - LouisianaJun/2/1909

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