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A man stands in front of the Djingareyber mosque on February 4, 2016 in Timbuktu, central Mali. 
Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu on February 4 celebrated the recovery of its historic mausoleums, destroyed during an Islamist takeover of northern Mali in 2012 and rebuilt thanks to UN cultural agency UNESCO.
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Memorial to the Victims of Lynching
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Name Murdered In Date
10 Unknown NegroesRochester - KentuckyNov/13/1914
2 Unknown NegroesHenderson - KentuckyNov/21/1895
Unknown NegroBowling Green - KentuckyDec/28/1892
Unknown NegroCalvert - KentuckyNov/25/1895
Unknown NegroFulton - KentuckyMay/11/1896
Unknown NegroPaducah - KentuckyAug/19/1893
Unknown NegroRock Springs - KentuckyMar/8/1897
Unknown NegroLocality Unknown (Kentucky)Jul/17/1904
Richard AllenMayfield - KentuckyFeb/28/1898
Henry AlleyHillside - KentuckyNov/13/1914
William ArkinsonMcKinney - KentuckySep/2/1893
Arch BakerThompkinsville - KentuckyOct/2/1898
Ernest BakerCadiz - KentuckyJan/22/1906
Thomas BalmbardFulton - KentuckyApr/10/1902
Leon BeardNormandy - KentuckyJul/7/1905
Arthur BellPrinceton - KentuckyJun/4/1915
James BondGuthire - KentuckyDec/19/1892
Marshall BostonFrankfort - KentuckyAug/14/1894
Ephraim BrinkleyMadison - KentuckyJul/22/1897
Mark BrownShelbyville - KentuckyJuly/20/1891
Thomas BrownNicholasville - KentuckyFeb/6/1902
Raymond BrushrodHainesville - KentuckySep/26/1897
Ellis BucknerHenderson - KentuckyNov/26/1915
Joe BumpassHickman - KentuckyAug/30/1904
William ButcherHickman - KentuckySep/2/1895
Gams CallsGlasgow - KentuckyJun/16/1898
William CliffordMaple Grove - KentuckyAug/16/1907
Richard ColemanMaysville - KentuckyDec/6/1899
Ernest DewleyGeorgetown - KentuckyApr/30/1902
Elijah DrakeMadrid Bend - KentuckyMar/20/1902
James DudleyBrandonburg - KentuckyAug/28/1891
Bell DulyFulton - KentuckyFeb/15/1902
Jumbo FieldsShelbyville - KentuckyOct/2/1901
George FinleyMayfield - KentuckyDec/22/1896
Clarence GarnettShelbyville - KentuckyOct/2/1901
Lee GibsonOwenton - KentuckyJan/28/1893
Caleb GodlyBowling Green - KentuckyJun/24/1894
John GrangeFranklin - KentuckyJul/25/1891
Willis GriffeyPrinceton - KentuckyOct/15/1894
M.G. GumbleJellico Mines - KentuckyJan/21/1894
Archie HainesMason County - KentuckyJun/20/1894
Burt HainesMason County - KentuckyJun/21/1894
Williams HainesMason County - KentuckyJun/20/1894
Thomas HallKevil - KentuckyOct/9/1903
Ernest HarrisWickliff - KentuckySep/12/1901
John HendersonMidway - KentuckyAug/17/1890
Brock HenleyPaducah - KentuckyOct/16/1916
Charles HillPaducah - KentuckyJun/10/1892
Thomas HolmesMayfield - KentuckyFeb/23/1898
Alfred HoltOwensboro - KentuckyDec/26/1892
Frank HowardWickliff - KentuckySep/12/1901
Marion HowardScottsville - KentuckyJul/16/1894
Robert HuggardWinchester - KentuckyJul/15/1895
Ernest HumphreysPrinceton - KentuckyOct/2/1890
Doc JonesOwensboro - KentuckyDec/19/1889
Robert JonesRussellville - KentuckyAug/1/1908
Thomas JonesRussellville - KentuckyAug/1/1908
Virgil JonesRussellville - KentuckyAug/1/1908
James KellyParis - KentuckyJul/23/1889
Frank LeavellElkton - KentuckyOct/12/1905
Harrison LewisSpringfield - KentuckyAug/26/1895
Daniel MaloneCovington - KentuckyJul/23/1889
Formit MartinMonticello - KentuckyFeb/17/1896
James MaysSpyfield - KentuckyJan/11/1902
Lee McDanielsOak Crossing - KentuckyJul/29/1892
Jacob McDowellProvidence - KentuckyMay/31/1908
Judge McNealCadiz - KentuckySep/1/1893
Charles MillerBradwell - KentuckyJul/7/1893
Samuel MoodyAuburn - KentuckyApr/18/1890
Edward MoormanGuston - KentuckyJan/12/1893
Richard MoormanGuston - KentuckyJan/12/1893
Robert MortonRickford - KentuckyFeb/4/1897
Logan MurphyMt. Sterling - KentuckyAug/161892
Gabe NallsBlackford - KentuckyNov/8/1894
Ulyssess NallsBlackford - KentuckyNov/8/1894
Austin PorterGrayson - KentuckyJun/8/1892
Lewis RadfordGuthire - KentuckyJan/24/1904
George RayGensonton - KentuckyApr/26/1895
Joseph RichardLeitchfield - KentuckySep/26/1913
Jaseph RileyRussellville - KentuckyAug/1/1908
William SandersMaysville - KentuckyMar/12/1917
Robert ShawWaitman - KentuckyMay/23/1909
William SkappOld Union - KentuckyApr/16/1891
Molie SmithTrigg County - KentuckyJul/1/1895
James StewartMadrid Bend - KentuckyMar/20/1902
James StoneMayfield - KentuckyDec/21/1896
Leonard TaylorNew Castle - KentuckyAug/28/1893
Marie ThomsonLebanon Junction - KentuckyJun/14/1904
James ThornhillPaducah - KentuckyOct/16/1916
Joseph ThorntonWickliff - KentuckyMay/20/1889
John TurnerGreensburg - KentuckyDec/9/1889
Len TyeHariem - KentuckyMar/2/1894
William TylerCarlisle - KentuckyJul/26/1894
Charles WaltonMorganfield - KentuckyAug/18/1893
Fraten WarfieldElliston - KentuckyOct/18/1900
Thomas WhiteAurora - KentuckySep/14/1892
John WilcoxsonEdmonton - KentuckySep/2/1892
Nick WillisLebanon Junction - KentuckyJun/1/1892
George WilsonMeyers - KentuckyAug/15/1897

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