Nontombi Tutu Speaks in Milwaukee

Nantombi Tutu

Nontombi Tutu is known for bringing attention to how we can heal as individuals and as a society. She will be speaking from 3-5pm, Saturday September 23rd, at the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee.

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Book Club Discussion Guides

America’s Black Holocaust Museum’s founder, Dr. James Cameron, was an avid reader and inspiring writer and educator. To this day, he is the only known survivor of a lynching to write and publish a memoir about such an experience. In his honor, we created this book club in November of 2020 to bring together a community of all backgrounds to learn about and discuss our collective past, modern manifestations of racism, and how we create racial repair, reconciliation, and healing for a better the future.

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When Jim Crow Lived In Wisconsin

These postcards were mailed to and from Wisconsin residents from 1904 to 1942. Their stereotyped pictures of African Americans were very common and accepted. Such cards were sent openly, without comment or embarrassment.

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Florida’s academic standards erode enslaved Africans’ contributions to America

Black Women Healers

Florida now requires fifth graders be taught that enslaved Black people in the U.S. developed skills that could be applied for their benefit. However, the reality is that enslaved Africans contributed to the nation’s social, cultural, and economic well-being by using skills they had already developed before captivity.were stolen and sold to pharmaceutical companies, her family is about to appear in court.

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ABHM Book Club Presents: Our Town by Cynthia Carr

Our Town Cover

This month’s book selection is Cynthia Carr’s Our Town. In Our Town, Carr, who grew up in Marion, IN and later became a journalist, explores the issues of race, loyalty, and memory in America through the lens of the historic lynching in Marion. Part mystery, part history, part true crime saga, Our Town is a riveting read that lays bare a raw and little-chronicled facet of our national memory and provides a starting point toward reconciliation with the past. 

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Zero Youth Corrections: Community Input Sessions

Zero Youth Corrections Community Input Sessions Basic

We need community input! Our public conversations will guide the process for the second round of Zero Youth Corrections funding. Our goal is to reduce youth incarceration and make a positive impact on the legal system in MKE.

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