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Mali's fabled city of Timbuktu on February 4 celebrated the recovery of its historic mausoleums, destroyed during an Islamist takeover of northern Mali in 2012 and rebuilt thanks to UN cultural agency UNESCO.
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Name Murdered In: Date
2 Unknown NegroesReader - ArkansasJan/8/1898
2 Unknown Negro WomenStamps - ArkansasMar/20/1907
2 Unknown NegroesHampton - ArkansasJul/14/1895
Unknown NegroPine Bluff - ArkansasDec/17/1896
Unknown NegroLittle River County - ArkansasMar/22/1899
Unknown NegroCrosette - ArkansasSep/5/1904
Unknown NegroStephens - ArkansasAug/31/1904
Unknown NegroTurner - ArkansasJan/1/1890
Unknown NegroNewton County - ArkansasDec/14/1891
Unknown NegroMarche - ArkansasMar/6/1894
Unknown NegroRobery - ArkansasSep/5/1897
Unknown NegroMarcella - ArkansasMar/5/1897
Unknown NegroSherill - ArkansasJan/1/1898
Unknown NegroArkadelphia - ArkansasDec/21/1900
Unknown NegroWest Point - ArkansasMay/26/1900
Unknown NegroHot Spring - ArkansasNov/29/1906
Unknown NegroJunction City - ArkansasJul/12/1906
Unknown NegroStuttgart - ArkansasAug/9/1916
Unknown NegroLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Sep/19/1895
Unknown NegroLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Jul/22/1903
Unknown NegroLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Oct/8/1917
Albert AlkensPine Bluff - ArkansasMay/24/1909
Henry AllenBrinkley - ArkansasJan/6/1906
William AndersonPillar - ArkansasJul/8/1906
Robert AustinMarion - ArkansasMar/19/1910
Andrew AveryGarland City - ArkansasJul/31/1917
Abe BaileySt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
George BaileyDevil's Bluff - ArkansasDec/20/1909
James BaileyBeebe - ArkansasJul/7/1891
Eugene BakerMonticello - ArkansasJul/30/1962
Mark BaldwinSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
WM BaldwinSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
John BarrettAskew - ArkansasApr/20/1905
Henry BeaverWilmar - ArkansasFeb/9/1892
Peter BerrymanMena - ArkansasFeb/20/1901
H BlackburnArgenta - ArkansasOct/7/1906
Joseph BlakelyPortland - ArkansasMay/30/1909
BowelsGordon - ArkansasAug/23/1892
Jacob BowerCarlisle - ArkansasSep/12/1915
Hamp & Son BriscoLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Feb/10/1892
John BrodieLee County - ArkansasJun/12/1900
William BrooksPalestine - ArkansasMay/23/1894
Frank BrownConway - ArkansasSep/22/1905
Henry BruceGulch County - ArkansasFeb/9/1894
William CaldwellOsceola - ArkansasSep/11/1895
James CaltonElmarth - ArkansasFeb/7/1906
Henry CapusMagnolia - ArkansasJun/22/1894
Allen CarterSynne - ArkansasAug/4/1892
John CarterLittle Rock - ArkansasMay/4/1927
Perry CarterSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Ed CoyTexarkana - ArkansasFeb/20/1892
Jim CrazyMilton - ArkansasDec/9/1896
Henry CrobysonMcGehee - ArkansasSep/22/1894
Presely DatesLocality Unknown (Arkansas)May/20/1897
DavalReader - ArkansasJan/8/1898
Alfred DavisLonoke County - ArkansasJan/5/1894
Anthony DavisTexarkana - ArkansasOct/8/1898
Chich DavisWilmot - ArkansasJul/24/1899
Howard DavisNewport - ArkansasOct/28/1914
Glenco DaysCrosette - ArkansasFeb/19/1904
Arthur DeanAugust a - ArkansasSep/9/1911
Willie DeesOsceola - ArkansasMay/1/1899
Frank DoddDewitt - ArkansasAug/9/1916
Robert DonnellyUnion Township - ArkansasJul/2/1892
General DuckettLittle River County - ArkansasMar/22/1899
Albert EnglandWynne - ArkansasNov/4/1895
Garrett FloodSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Randall FloodSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Light FootNewport - ArkansasDec/7/1892
Monroe FranklinRussellville - ArkansasAug/20/1912
Newton GainesLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Dec/6/1898
Goode GaryRison - ArkansasJul/1/1898
Samuel GatesEngland - ArkansasSep/13/1917
John GilbertEngland - ArkansasJul/22/1903
Felix GilmanPrescott - ArkansasMay/27/1916
Edwin GoodwinLittle River County - ArkansasMar/22/1899
Godfrey GouldClarendon - ArkansasJul/31/1896
Robert GreenwoodCross County - ArkansasDec/7/1893
Henry GriffinSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Walter GriffinSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Nat HadleyDurdon - ArkansasNov/20/1891
Loy HaleyHope - ArkansasJun/15/1915
W.H. HarkinClinton - ArkansasApr/18/1899
George HarrisVarner - ArkansasFeb/23/1892
Gulbert HarrisPine Bluff - ArkansasFeb/14/1892
HarrisonChampagnolle - ArkansasSep/20/1892
Levi HaydenTexarkana - ArkansasJun/3/1898
HellemLuxora - Arkansas1340
Doc HendersonBearden - ArkansasMay/9/1893
James HenryLittle Rock - ArkansasMay/13/1892
HilliardHope - ArkansasJan/18/1909
Aaron HintonSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Willian HunterStar City - ArkansasJun/14/1910
HuntleyReader - ArkansasJan/8/1898
Aaron JimersonAshdown - ArkansasAug/9/1917
Alexander JohnsonMonticello - ArkansasJul/14/1898
Armstead JohnsonPine Bluff - ArkansasJun/13/1889
Henry JohnsonLake Village - ArkansasNov/3/1903
Killis JohnsonSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Benjamin JonesLittle River County - ArkansasMar/22/1899
Henry JonesHamburg - ArkansasJun/25/1891
James JonesLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Aug/22/1895
Joseph JonesLittle River County - ArkansasMar/22/1899
Judge JonesPine Bluff - ArkansasMar/25/1910
Moses JonesLittle River County - ArkansasMar/22/1899
Newton JonesBoxley - ArkansasNov/29/1893
Robert JordonCamden - ArkansasAug/10/1892
John KellyPine Bluff - ArkansasFeb/14/1892
Lee KeyKnoxville - ArkansasMay/12/1901
Frank KingLittle Rock - ArkansasJun/20/1895
Joseph KingLittle River County - ArkansasMar/22/1899
William LarkinCamden - ArkansasFeb/14/1890
Charles LewisHope - ArkansasOct/20/1891
Nathan LuceyForest City - ArkansasOct/16/1911
William MadisonSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
Edward McCollumSheridan - ArkansasOct/6/1903
Horace McCoyForemann - ArkansasMar/10/1902
Allen MitchellEarle - ArkansasJun/13/1918
Laura MitchellLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Apr/5/1910
Julian MosleyArkansas City - ArkansasJul/14/1892
Nat MullensEarle - ArkansasJun/17/1900
Charles MulliganConway - ArkansasAug/30/1891
Washington MussayAugust a - ArkansasDec/5/1907
A.M. NeelyRison - ArkansasMay/19/1889
NelsonVarner - ArkansasNov/14/1893
William NornamHot Spring - ArkansasJun/19/1903
Thomas ParkerKendall - ArkansasOct/15/1897
William PatricRison - ArkansasDec/3/1915
Ben PattersonHackette - ArkansasOct/1/1891
Edward PeytonMarianna - ArkansasOct/1/1891
Henry PhillipOsceola - ArkansasNov/15/1897
Sam PowellHuttig - ArkansasJul/6/1910
Frank PrideLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Apr/5/1910
James ReidMonticello - ArkansasJul/14/1898
Dean ReynoldsLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Jan/15/1889
William RiceLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Nov/8/1891
Charles RichardMarion - ArkansasMar/19/1910
Dennis RicordClarendon - ArkansasAug/9/1898
Frank RobertsonBradley - ArkansasMar/20/1903
J.E. RobinsonTexarkana - ArkansasMar/8/1889
Willis RobinsonNewport - ArkansasDec/18/1918
SandfordLewis - ArkansasMar/23/1912
William SaunderClarendon - ArkansasAug/9/1898
Paul ScroggsBrinkley - ArkansasJan/6/1906
Lee SimmsLittle Rock - ArkansasSep/5/1913
Charles SmithSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
James SmithSt. Charles - ArkansasMar/26/1904
James SmithProctor - ArkansasFeb/8/1917
Charles StewardMorrillton - ArkansasMay/21/1892
John StewartBearden - ArkansasMay/9/1893
John ThomasOsceola - ArkansasSep/11/1895
Alexander ThompsonGurdon - ArkansasApr/23/1903
Flannegan ThorntonMorrillton - ArkansasApr/19/1893
John TurnerWarren - ArkansasApr/6/1903
John WallaceJefferson Spring - ArkansasMay/31/1893
Luke WashingtonMcGehee - ArkansasSep/22/1894
WashingtonMcGehee - ArkansasSep/22/1894
D.L. WatsonHamilton - ArkansasSep/16/1897
Rilla WeaverClarendon - ArkansasAug/9/1898
Robert WeaverLocality Unknown (Arkansas)May/30/1890
Elijah WellsWynne - ArkansasNov/20/1902
Vetton WhiteSpring Hill - ArkansasJanuary/41905
Edward WilliamBaxter - ArkansasAug/26/1897
Ernest WilliamsParkdale - ArkansasJun/20/1908
John WilliamsPlummersville - ArkansasJul/5/1912
Hog WilsonStephens - ArkansasSep/3/1902
James WoodmannLocality Unknown (Arkansas)Jul/6/1905
William WyattRison - ArkansasAugust/241897
Charles YoungForest City - ArkansasOct/20/1902

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