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Memorial to the Victims of Lynching
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Name Murdered In Date
Unknown NegroBolivar - AlabamaFeb/1/1909
2 Unknown NegroesSylvan - AlabamaFeb/13/1892
3 Unknown NegroesOpp - AlabamaDec/6/1901
4 Unknown NegroesSelma - AlabamaDec/12/1893
AbernathyDuke - AlabamaOct/20/1900
Henry AbramsMontgomery - AlabamaNov/29/1897
Reddrick AdamsSeale - AlabamaApr/12/1896
J M AlexanderTuskegee - AlabamaJun/13/1895
Albert AndersonTuskegee - AlabamaSept/13/1898
James AndersonTaylor Ferry - AlabamaOct/10/1896
John AndersonLafayette - AlabamaOct/2/1898
Paul ArcherCarrolton - AlabamaSept/15/1893
Joshua BalaamJackson - AlabamaSep/4/1909
Lewis BalaamJackson - AlabamaSep/4/1909
Andy BeardKennedy - AlabamaMar/18/1897
Bud BeardCarrolton - AlabamaDec/17/1897
Ed BellSelma - AlabamaAug/7/1904
Charles BentleyLeeds - AlabamaAug/2/1901
BerneyWetumpka - AlabamaNov/18/1912
William BirdSheffield - AlabamaNov/11/1918
Thomas BlackTuscumbia - AlabamaApr/22/1894
John BonnerKennedy - AlabamaDec/16/1897
Louis BonnerKennedy - AlabamaDec/16/1897
Calvin BrownPlace Unknown (Alabama)Jul/6/1891
John BrownChilderburg - AlabamaOct/1/1891
Robert BrownPlace Unknown (Alabama)Jul/6/1891
William BrownRienzi - AlabamaApr/29/1906
Thomas BrownePoint Clear - AlabamaJun/26/1895
John BrownleeOxford - AlabamaJul/19/1894
Richard BurtonBoyds - AlabamaJan/28/1916
Eben CalhounPittsview - AlabamaApr/29/1907
John CallowayCalhoun County - AlabamaMar/21/1898
Wiley CampbellCalhoun County - AlabamaJun/25/1902
William CantorChilderburg - AlabamaMay/16/1892
CarsonSelma - AlabamaJan/3/1913
Walter CarterPlace Unknown (Alabama)Nov/30/1903
Thomas ClintonPlace Unknown (Alabama)Nov/30/1903
Walter ClaytonBay Minett - AlabamaApr/6/1908
Zeb ColleyGreenville - AlabamaApr/21/1895
Issac CookMontgomery - AlabamaAug/12/1890
Azariah CurtisButtler - AlabamaDec/7/1912
CyatHenry - AlabamaOct/10/1896
James DanielGoose County - AlabamaJul/20/1897
DavenportLeighton - AlabamaJan/24/1909
Bud DavisMoulton - AlabamaMar/6/1901
George DavisInverness - AlabamaApr/19/1892
Phillip DavisPlace Unknown (Alabama)Nov/30/1903
Daniel DawsonTyler - AlabamaMar/19/1895
Robert DawsonSelma - AlabamaMay/6/1901
Herman DeeleyTaylorsville - AlabamaJan/18/1915
John DellMontgomery - AlabamaOct/9/1910
Noah DicksonWalnut Grove - AlabamaMay/22/1889
Andrew DiggsScottsboro - AlabamaJun/24/1903
Moses DossettPrichard Station - AlabamaSep/22/1907
Daniel DovePlace Unknown (Alabama)Oct/20/1906
Manuel DuneganChilton County - AlabamaApr/15/1895
Dan EdwardSelma - AlabamaJun/24/1893
Roxie ElliottCenterville - AlabamaApr/15/1891
Holland EnglishBakerhill - AlabamaApr/2/1894
Emma FairCarrolton - AlabamaSept/15/1893
Taylor FerryTuskegee - AlabamaOct/10/1896
John FitchPlace Unknown (Alabama)Sept/27/1896
James FoxPlace Unknown (Alabama)Aug/10/1915
Amanda FranksJefferson - AlabamaMay/12/1897
James FreemanColumbus City - AlabamaMay/31/1895
Joseph GiohenBerlin - AlabamaDec/8/1893
Zachioli GrohnWhistler - AlabamaApr/2/1891
Alice GreenGreenville - AlabamaApr/21/1895
Frank GriffinStanton - AlabamaMar/31/1890
Neal GuinnHaynesville - AlabamaAug/5/1931
Caines HallKingston - AlabamaMay/1/1904
Cleveland HardingFlorence - AlabamaMar/24/1907
George HarrisLimestone - AlabamaJun/16/1901
Samuel HarrisSalem - AlabamaNov/3/1902
O'Dee HendersonFairfield - AlabamaMay/9/1940
Alexander HermanCourtland - AlabamaJul/16/1901
Poe HibblerPickens County - AlabamaJul/23/1917
George HoesButler - AlabamaMay/8/1892
Joseph HolmanTyler - AlabamaMar/19/1895
Robert HolmanTyler - AlabamaMar/19/1895
Paul HullCarrolton - AlabamaSept/15/1893
Charles HumphriesLee County - AlabamaMar/18/1900
Charles HuntBrantley - AlabamaAug/17/1899
William HunterSelma - AlabamaAug/1/1896
"Kid" JacksonHope Hull - AlabamaAug/17/1915
James JacksonBibb County - AlabamaJan/31/1897
Oliver JacksonMontgomery - AlabamaMar/29/1894
Solomon JacksonWetumpka - AlabamaJun/17/1898
William JacksonWetumpka - AlabamaJun/17/1898
Joseph JamesWoodstock - AlabamaDec/22/1896
Jerry JohnsonNorth Birmingham - AlabamaSep/3/1907
Sidney JohnsonCoaling - AlabamaJul/12/1898
Tony JohnsonTuscumbia - AlabamaApr/22/1894
Wes JohnsonHeadland - AlabamaFeb/2/1937
Burrell JonesMonroeville - AlabamaOct/13/1892
John JonesAnniston - AlabamaJul/13/1890
Jon JonesAltoona - AlabamaJul/1/1904
Moses JonesMonroeville - AlabamaOct/13/1892
William JonesFort Deposit - AlabamaDec/19/1914
John KelloggBlanche - AlabamaFeb/20/1898
Oliver LettTunnel Springs - AlabamaAug/23/1905
William LewisLamison - AlabamaApr/14/1894
John LipseyPickensville - AlabamaAug/27/1907
Eliza LoweHenry County - AlabamaAug/1/1891
Willis LoweHenry County - AlabamaAug/1/1891
Henry LucusVinegar Bend - AlabamaNov/2/1907
Horace MaplesHuntsville - AlabamaSep/7/1904
Jesse MatsonCalera - AlabamaMay/26/1910
Dic MayesSelma - AlabamaMay/6/1901
Ed MayesSelma - AlabamaMay/4/1901
Louis McAdamsWilsonville - AlabamaJan/3/1901
Tabe McGradyPerote - AlabamaOct/5/1895
Henry McKennyDothan - AlabamaJul/3/1910
George MeadowsPratt Mines - AlabamaJan/15/1889
William MillerBrighton - AlabamaAug/6/1908
Benjamin MintyBerlin - AlabamaDec/8/1893
Clinton MontgomeryMagnolia - AlabamaDec/20/1909
Isadora MoreleySelma - AlabamaAug/1/1896
Robert MoseleyDolimite - AlabamaNov/14/1894
Ernest MurphyDaleville - AlabamaJun/27/1893
James NanceJefferson - AlabamaMay/13/1897
Ed Oniu'Eufala - AlabamaApr/14/1893
Leon OrrPlace Unknown (Alabama)Jun/20/1896
Allen ParkerNew Monroesville - AlabamaOct/30/1892
Henry PatersPrichard - AlabamaOct/6/1906
PedigrieAndalusia - AlabamaFeb/20/1906
John PenningtionEntriprise - AlabamaAug/7/1901
Iver PetersonEufala - AlabamaFeb/12/1911
Jack PharrClaiborne - AlabamaAug/30/1897
Edward PlowlyPine Apple - AlabamaMar/14/1905
William PlowlyPine Apple - AlabamaMar/14/1905
Ephreim PopeLamison - AlabamaJune/22/1904
Ray PorterClanton - AlabamaAug/21/1891
William PournayChestnut - AlabamaSept/3/1901
Jesse PowellLetohatchee - AlabamaJuly/23/1917
James PowellPlace Unknown (Alabama)Jun/5/1895
William PowellLetohatchee - AlabamaJuly/23/1917
Edward PraterClay County - AlabamaJuly/8/1892
Fred QuigletonTallendaga - AlabamaNov/3/1907
RandallWinfield - AlabamaApr/25/1891
John RattlerGreenville - AlabamaApr/21/1895
Camp ReeseWetumpka - AlabamaJun/17/1893
Frank ReevesButtler County - AlabamaMay/30/1901
William ReynoldsTuscumbia - AlabamaApr/6/1902
Bunkie RichardsonGadsden - AlabamaFeb/11/1906
Grant RichardsonCenterville - AlabamaOct/9/1910
Albert RobertsInverness - AlabamaApr/19/1892
Douglass RobertsonMobile - AlabamaJan/22/1909
Esau RobinsonEmelle - AlabamaJul/4/1930
Richard RobinsonPrichard Station - AlabamaOct/6/1906
Roy RolstonAnniston - AlabamaNov/24/1890
Berry RowderChilderburg - AlabamaMay/16/1892
James RowderChilderburg - AlabamaMay/16/1892
Henry RussellHope Hill - AlabamaAug/17/1915
Newt SaundersOpp - AlabamaNov/30/1907
Mack SegarsBrantley - AlabamaDec/28/1893
Jerico ShiversCoffee County - AlabamaMay/19/1895
Ruben SimsLittle Rivers - AlabamaApr/16/1904
Edwin SmithWetumpka - AlabamaJan/4/1915
John SmithScottsboro - AlabamaMar/20/1897
William SmithBessemer - AlabamaNov/2/1912
James SpeaksRiverton - AlabamaJul/21/1897
Louis SpierWetumpka - AlabamaJun/17/1898
John SteeleBirmingham - AlabamaSept/27/1889
StoverHabelle - AlabamaOct/21/1908
Abram SumrollVinegar Bend - AlabamaNov/2/1907
TerrillElba - AlabamaJul/16/1897
James ThomasBlossburg - AlabamaJul/9/1897
Jesse ThompsonWetumpka - AlabamaJun/17/1898
Jese ThorntonCrenshaw County - AlabamaOct/2/1940
Winfield TownsendEclectic - AlabamaOct/2/1900
Jesse UnderwoodTuscumbia - AlabamaJul/26/1891
Sam VergePlace Unknown (Alabama)Aug/5/1912
William WallaceAxis - AlabamaAug/1/1910
William WardleyIrondale - AlabamaDec/7/1896
Lemuel WeeksPlace Unknown (Alabama)July/1/1916
William WestmorelandMontgomery - AlabamaJun/24/1896
Molly WhiteJefferson - AlabamaMay/12/1897
George WhitesideSheffield - AlabamaNov/12/1918
Robert WilkinsBerlin - AlabamaDec/8/1893
Ella WilliamHenry County - AlabamaAug/1/1891
Jerry WilliamsInverness - AlabamaApril/19/1892
James WilliamsPickens County - AlabamaJan/19/1893
John WilliamsTuscumbia - AlabamaApr/22/1894
William WilliamsHenry County - AlabamaAug/1/1891
Bud WilsonTuscoloosa - AlabamaDec/27/1889
Bush WithersSanford - AlabamaOct/4/1910
John WomackRedlevel - AlabamaMay/22/1918
Sam WrightHelena - AlabamaOct/15/1891
Charles YoungPlace Unknown (Alabama)Nov/15/1903
Unknown NegroBrantley - AlabamaApr/2/1890
Unknown NegroBrierfield - AlabamaJul/15/1893
Unknown NegroCenterville - AlabamaSept/6/1898
Unknown NegroClayton - AlabamaAug/30/1911
Unknown NegroCuba - AlabamaDec/20/1912
Unknown NegroDothan - AlabamaFeb/19/1912
Unknown NegroExcel - AlabamaSept/2/1897
Unknown NegroGeneva - AlabamaMay/7/1900
Unknown NegroGreeley - AlabamaJan/10/1917
Unknown NegroHartford - AlabamaMar/26/1907
Unknown NegroHope Hill - AlabamaAug/17/1915
Unknown NegroJasper - AlabamaJul/5/1892
Unknown NegroKilgore - AlabamaAug/28/1913
Unknown NegroLafayette - AlabamaOct/23/1898
Unknown NegroLeeda - AlabamaMay/11/1901
Unknown NegroMacon County - AlabamaMar/10/1892
Unknown NegroMcFall - AlabamaOct/8/1910
Unknown NegroMid Way - AlabamaJan/4/1907
Unknown NegroReform - AlabamaJul/16/1917
Unknown NegroRiverton - AlabamaMar/10/1892
Unknown NegroToadvine - AlabamaOct/14/1896
Unknown NegroUnion Spring - AlabamaApr/2/1911
Unknown NegroPlace Unknown (Alabama)Oct/12/1896
2 Unknown NegroesGeorgiana - AlabamaSept/29/1891
2 Unknown NegroesMonroeville - AlabamaOct/13/1892
2 Unknown NegroesMonroeville - AlabamaSept/2/1889
2 Unknown NegroesSelma - AlabamaApr/5/1894
2 Unknown NegroesPlace Unknown (Alabama)Dec/10/1893
George HoesPickens County - AlabamaJul/23/1917
Robert MoseleyHuntsville - AlabamaMar/22/1890
William SmithWetumpka - AlabamaJan/4/1915
William WilliamsInverness - AlabamaApril/19/1892
William WilliamsSouthside - AlabamaMay/11/1901
Scott BishopMarbury - AlabamaDec/20/1902
Mary DeaneGreenville - AlabamaApr/21/1895
Martha GreenGreenville - AlabamaApr/21/1895
John HaydenLamar County - AlabamaJun/1/1897
John MarittPickens County - AlabamaMar/26/1897
Marshal McGregorBanks - AlabamaJan/5/1899
Charles YoungClayton - AlabamaMarch/29/1914
William ZieglerPlace Unknown (Alabama)March/24/1902

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