The Day the Waters Came

Please join us for “The Day the Waters Came,” which will be performed at ABHM. This small-cast drama is about how a New Orleans’s 9th Ward teenager’s life is impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

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Louisiana Governor Pardons Homer Plessy From ‘Separate But Equal’ Ruling

By BET staff, BET News The landmark 1896 case solidified Jim Crow. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has pardoned Homer Adolph Plessy, of the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson ruling. According to CBS, Edwards signed the pardon during a ceremony outside the former rail station in New Orleans where Plessy was arrested 130 years ago for sitting in a white area…

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‘Waking up to racism’: New documentary tells truth about Confederacy, tracks root of ‘Lost Cause’ myth

Comedian CJ Hunt’s debut feature documentary, The Neutral Ground, not only exposes why Southerners cling to Confederate iconography but also challenges the “Lost Cause” mythology – a romanticized, and false, version of Southern history in which the Confederacy and its leaders were fighting for “states’ rights” and defending their region against Northern aggression.

“While the Confederacy was not successful at winning wars, it was incredibly successful when it came to creating a myth,” Hunt, 36, told the Southern Poverty Law Center. “When people want to say the Confederacy was not about slavery, those claims are not grounded in facts or supported by the Confederacy’s own founding documents.”

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