Caring for the Ancestors’ Land

Artist and activist Bevelyn Afor Ukah is on a mission to relieve food insecurity in the Black community by teaching gardening skills in combination with ancestral teachings.

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National Black Farmers Conference 2023

2023 NBFA Conference

The National Black Farmers Association Conference is an interactive two day program providing practical knowledge and direct training to enhance skills, networking, and financial resource capabilities for small, limited resource and socially disadvantaged farmers, ranchers and landowners.

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2023 Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners National Conference

Black Farmers & Urban Growers 2023

Black Urban Growers (BUGs) and our partners are pleased to present the 11th Annual Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners (BUGS) Conference, convening urban and rural farmers, chefs, food product makers, students, herbalists, nutritionists, consumers, policymakers, educators, activists and organizations from across the country! Come join us to connect with our Black agrarian family from across the nation in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Back To The Root 2023 – A Black Grower’s Gathering

Back To The Root logo

Back to the Root is a conference led by and for African and Black- identified farmers, ranchers, urban growers & gardeners, food producers, entrepreneurs, educators, and advocates. We use this annual gathering to network, dig into our history, discuss experiences, learn about opportunities, and build strategies.

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Whitewashing the Great Depression

Although the photographers who worked for the FSA took many pictures of people of color—in the streets, in the fields, out of work—the Great Depression’s main victims, as Americans came to visualize them, were white.

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The Great Land Robbery

The loss of millions of acres of land by black families is a historical fact and a present danger. Some federal, state and local agencies continue to make money available to white applicants while denying money to black applicants resulting in land loss.

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