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This Day in Black History

Booker T Washington

Renowned activists Booker T. Washington who was born shortly after slavery’s end spent his life fighting for equal rights.

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The Day That Changed Black America

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X

Every April, we have the opportunity to reflect on a great Civil Rights leader and why working toward equality angers so many.

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Sculptor Elizabeth Catlett Sculptor Dies At 96

Elizabeth Catlett

A talented art whose work can be found in museums and the city of New Orleans has passed from natural causes.

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Autism Up Among Kids of Color

Which child would be adopted?

CDC data shows an increased in autism diagnoses for certain youth demographics, including Black and hispanic children.

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With a Black President, Race Talk Is Harder

President Obama's slave ancestry has been uncovered

Reniqua Allen muses about the difficulties discussing race when even the president’s Black child faces racism.

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Milwaukee Public Schools are not full of thugs–Facebook campaign by students

MPS students and graduates protest on facebook

A social media campaign by students at Milwaukee Public Schools aims to dispel racist stereotypes about being Black.

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Happy Birthday, Aretha Franklin, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Tony Cade Bambara, and Debi Thomas!

Aretha Franklin

Celebrate March 25th, a day when these talented and fierce Black women were born.

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Teacher sues CPS after suspension for slur during ‘teachable moment’

Lincoln Brown, public school teacher in chicago, suspended for saying "n****r" while teaching about hurtful language

One Illinois teacher who was disciplined after using the N-word claims that the punishment ignores the context.

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Black militia group wants to arrest Trayvon Martin shooter

George Zimmerman

One group is fed up with the authorites’ lack of action against George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

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BET Announces: America’s Black Holocaust Museum Goes Viral

While the physical museum hasn’t always been open, the virtual museum allows visitors from around the world to connect.

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