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Vermon Jordan at the NAtional Urban League

This Day in Black History- National Urban League Founded

For more than a century, the National Urban League has been advocating for policies and education to help Black Americans.

Harriet Tubman

This Day in Black History

In 1853, Harriet Tubman because the dangerous work of helping people escape their enslavement and start new lives.

George zimmerman

Inside the Racist Mind

While most people avoid thinking that they’re racist, some people recognize the difficulty to unlearn what society teaches us.

Is keeping your head up proving to be too much?

Does acting like ‘a man’ depress black men?

Racism has a real and measurable impact on Black men’s mental health according to a study out of UNC Chapel Hill.

Tanya McDowell

Education For Poor Students Threatened By Exclusionary Housing

Black students may struggle to learn and succeed without stable and accessible housing to fall back on.

The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University

Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia Showcases Segregation-era Artifacts

The Ferris State University library in Big Rapids, Michigan is home to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia.

Black Female Soldier

Black Women Struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Black women who served in the armed forces face unique mental challenges that can cause PTSD, says research.

Neighborhood Watch Skittles Portrait

Artist creates Zimmerman portrait with 12,000 Skittles

One artists has reached for candy to make a point in a recent pointillism piece featuring George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin.

Martin Luther King writes

On This Day in American History…

Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for non-violent forms of protest in this infamous letter he penned while in jail.

CORE Button

The Birth of CORE

The Congress Of Racial Equality, also known as CORE, spearheaded voting, education, and related projects to promote racial equality.

Trayvon Martin

Justice for Trayvon

This opinion pieces considers how anti-Black violence that ended the life of a boy lead to a demand for justice.

Michael Daugherty said his roommate, Deon Tucker, 44, survived a gunshot in the back. (Nick Oxford for The New York Times)

Tulsa Shootings and the Color of Hate

Dr. Nsenga K. Burton reflects on the global prevalence of racism and anti-Black violence after a shooting in Tulsa.

Henry E. Hildebrand III, a Chapter 13 trustee in Nashville, says the system needs to be changed. (Josh Anderson for The New York Times)

Blacks Face Bias in Bankruptcy, Study Suggests

Black Americans may be more likely to file bankruptcy because financial professionals point them in that direction.

California School Suspensions

California School Suspensions Issued At Higher Rates To Racial Minorities, Students With Disabilities

The Center for Civil Rights Remedies analyzed suspension in multiple California school districts to highlight racial disparities.

Image of the first black members of Congress

Black legislators, past and present, celebrated in Atlanta exhibit

An Atlanta library exhibit teaches about the role Black politicians played in American history even in the face of opposition.

Herald, 2011, HD video in gilded hand-carved mahogany frame.

Rashaad Newsome: An artist who fearlessly collages hip-hop, vogue culture and opera

What makes Rashaad Newsome’s art so unique is the way he combines various media to tease multiple sense at once.

The Impossible

ABHM Mounts 1st Art Exhibit – “Stories Behind the Postcards”

Artist Jennifer Scott’s compelling postcard designs make up ABHM’s first art exhibit in the virtual museum.

George zimmerman

Prosecutor charges Zimmerman with second-degree murder

George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Black youth Trayvon Martin, will face charges in a trial according to recent updates.

Jane Bolin in 1942

Jane Bolin-The First Black Female Judge

Jane Bolin’s birth heralded changes in law and justice in New York and around the country that continue to this day.

Spelman College students

This Day in Black History

Spelman College has provided Black women in America with education opportunities for over 100 years and remains a quality institution.

Two Black men and a Black woman

Room 4 Debate: Do Black Men Care Enough About Sexual Assault?

The way Black men talk about Black women may be indicative of a larger issue surrounding racialized sexism.