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David Leonard Takes on Racism and White Privilege

One professor explains how Black peopel have a far different experience then their white peers–and urges those peers to act.

Trayvon Martin Protest

Prosecutor in Martin Case Will Alone Determine Its Merits

The fate of high profile legal case that has garnered the attention of millions around the world lies in the hands of a few.

Michael Daugherty said his roommate, Deon Tucker, 44, survived a gunshot in the back. (Nick Oxford for The New York Times)

2 Tulsa Shooting Suspects Confess, Police Say

A holiday shooting in Tulsa appears to be racially motivated according to people close to the shooters,

Trayvon Martin

A ‘Hu-Manifesto’ for a Post-Trayvon World

Farai Chideya details the five components of an equitable and free life for everyone, regardless of skin color.

Black girl with curly hair cuts paper

Are Children Racially Biased?

A CNN report reveals that children experience racial bias at a young age and that bias may be against their own skin color.

A Black couple looking at paperwork and a laptop

More Discrimination Cited In Housing Practices

The National Fair Housing Alliance has released a report about one bank’s racially biased mortgage practices.

Black student writing on chalkboard

Room for Debate: Are America’s Public Schools Still Unequal and Unjust?

Black students struggle with barriers to education that are not shared by some of their white peers according to research.

New York Slave Rebellion

This Day in Black History

A rebellion consisting of enslaved people and Native Americans shows how deep the desire for freedom lies.

Twins Kian and Remee

Two-tone Twins!

Born to biracial parents, these twin sisters share many features–but not their skin color.

George zimmerman

Does “George Zimmerman” Dwell Within You?

While many of us would like to think we are not capable of taking another person’s life, we must recognize the influence of our society.

Booker T Washington

This Day in Black History

Renowned activists Booker T. Washington who was born shortly after slavery’s end spent his life fighting for equal rights.


Ex-New Orleans cops get prison time in Danziger Bridge shootings

From CNN The Wire A federal judge Wednesday sentenced five former New Orleans police officers to prison terms ranging from six to 65 years for the shootings of unarmed civilians in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The shootings occurred on the Danziger Bridge on September 4, 2005, six days after much of New Orleans…

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X

The Day That Changed Black America

Every April, we have the opportunity to reflect on a great Civil Rights leader and why working toward equality angers so many.

Elizabeth Catlett

Sculptor Elizabeth Catlett Sculptor Dies At 96

A talented art whose work can be found in museums and the city of New Orleans has passed from natural causes.

Carter G. Woodson

This Day in Black History: The Loss of Carter G. Woodson

Carter G. Woodson, author and activist, helped Black Americans find their identity and others understand the culture.

MLK at his last speech

This Day in American History: Martin Luther King Delivers his Last Speech

In Dr. King’s last ever speech, given this day in 1968 at the Memphis Mason Temple, he discussed how his work was God’s will.

Cervical cancer

A New Study Shows Cervical Cancer Virus Harder To Clear In Black Women

The common STI that causes cervical cancer is more pernicious in Black women than women of other races according to research.

Which child would be adopted?

Autism Up Among Kids of Color

CDC data shows an increased in autism diagnoses for certain youth demographics, including Black and hispanic children.

Cesar Chavez, civil rights leader and organizer of the United Farmworkers

Cesar Chavez Day: Honoring The Latino Civil Rights Leader By Continuing The Fight For Justice

Cesar Chavez is one of the most notable proponents of civil rights for Latino Americans.


Detroit Students Suspended After Demanding ‘An Education’

Detroit students are speaking out against conditions that make it impossible for them to learn.

March against NYC's Stop and Frisk Law used within residences

Lawsuit alleges NYPD violated civil rights by entering private buildings

Black and Latino New Yorkers allege that NYPD systemetically violates their constitucional rights with stop-and-frisk orders,