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ABHM Exhibits at MATC!

The Milwaukee Area Technical College is hosting the first public ABHM exhibit on its campus in Downtown Milwaukee in honor of Black History Month. The exhibit, featuring the 2005 Senate apology for failing to outlaw lynching, is mounted on the 2nd floor of the building near the 6th and State Street entrance. It can be…

Black Male Student Success in Higher Education: A Report from the National Black Male College Achievement Study

This report is based on the National Black Male College Achievement Study, the largest-ever qualitative research study of Black undergraduate men. Offered in the report are key insights on success from achievers at 42 colleges and universities in 20 states across the U.S.

Racist Receipt Suit Settled

“Mc Stinkyn–ger”: Racist Receipt Suit Settled

It’s so outrageous that it seems like a bad joke about racism, but it’s real: A restaurant employee who is accused of referring to an African-American customer on his receipts as “Mc Stinkyn–ger” and “Mc Nigsh–” has embarrassed himself, lost his job and cost his former employer what we can only guess is a large…

Racist Receipt Suit Settled

Civil Rights Activist Myrlie Evers-Williams Pens Letter In Support Of ‘The Help’

An essay championing Best Picture Academy Award nominee The Help as “this year’s most outstanding and socially relevant motion picture.” Myrlie Evers-Williams celebrates the film’s accomplishment of “challenging viewers to walk the journey” of “African-American maids in the then-staunchly segregated Mississippi. Read the entire essay in the Hollywood Reporter.

Racist Receipt Suit Settled

The Man Who Would End Black History Month

It’s an inevitable question as Jan. 31 rolls into Feb. 1: Do Americans still need to celebrate Black History Month? For a black person, questioning the tradition’s existence may sometimes be considered akin to turning in your black card, jokes filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman in his new documentary, More Than a Month. Read an interview…