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Firefighter Jordan Sullivan, who recently saved two children on his first 'real fire' call

Baptism by Fire

America is so steeped in racism that even fight departments discriminate against Black applicants who want to save lives.

02 Feb 1960, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA --- Four African American college students sit in protest at a whites-only lunch counter during the second day of peaceful protest at a Woolworth's in Greensboro, North Carolina. From left: Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Billy Smith, and Clarence Henderson. --- Image by © Jack Moebes/CORBIS

Texas county unwittingly votes in favour of reparations for African Americans

Some Dallas county commissioners were surprised to realized they voted for reparations after failing to read a full bill,

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This Day in History: We Celebrate the Birth of Anna Kingsley

From kidnapped from her country to a free slave with her own plantation, Anna Kingsley’s story is as unique as they come.

Brazilian soccer player Neymar stated that he had never encountered any sort of racism in his life because he is not black even though he clearly looks black.

Black Identity and Racism Collide in Brazil

Some Brazilian soccer players don’t identify as black in hopes of avoiding racism from fans and those in the industry.

Deanna Jordan

Single mother graduates from UCLA with three degrees

Deanna Jordan eared dual bachelor’s and a master’s degrees from UCLA after starting at a community college.


Was the Author of The Three Musketeers a Black Man?

Alexandre Dumas wrote some of the best-known literature, but few people know about his personal life–or ethnicity.

Jabre White was left speechless when he heard his white teacher telling him to call him "master." His mother Nicholle, found nothing humorous about the statement when the teacher tried to apologize and said that was all it was.

Black teen says teacher told him to say ‘Yes sir, master’

A Black teen and his family were appalled when his teacher implied White was his slave and the teacher was his master.

Audra Mcdonald

Tony Awards 2014 Belong to Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald became the most decorated Broadway actress of all time with her recent Tony win for Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill.

Jeralean Talley, 115yrs old

Jeralean Talley, oldest-living American, celebrates 115th birthday

Discover how Michigander Jeralean Talley lives life as a 115-year-old, having surpassed all other Americans.

Derrick Nesby, former Louisiana High School teacher and track coach, was arrested on accusations of having sex with one of his student athletes and exposing him to HIV.

News Police: Teacher had sex with student, knowingly exposed him to HIV

A former Louisiana high school teacher and track coach is accused of having sex with a student athlete and knowingly exposing him to HIV.

Photos Florence Kate Upton, Retro Boomin via Twitter, and a private historical photo collection

White Teacher Reinstated After Blackface Lesson

A Michigan teacher was put on paid leave for educating his 8th-grade class about blackface but is back at work.

Maya Angelou died on Wednesday, May 28th.

Dr. Maya Angelou Funeral Details

Poet and activists Maya Anjelou’s passing will be recognized by at a large public funeral attended by dignitaries.

New study shows Black male students assigned to Black teachers are less likely to end up in special education. (Pexels Photo by RDNE Stock Project)

Some Good News about Black Males’ Academic Success!

Check out three inspiring stories of academic success by Black male youths in the United States.

Dr. James Cameron, lynching survivor, addresses US Senators and descendants of lynching victims, Washington DC, 2005.

Dr. James Cameron Featured in New Book about Supersurvivors!

​Supersurvivors explores extraordinary accomplishments in the wake of catastrophe to explain how ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.


Transgendered Student Denied Equal Treatment

Jayce, a Black trans man attending George Fox University is not allowed a room in the men’s dorms.

Reverend Sharpton speaks at a memorial for the victims (© The Florida Times-Union 2023)

Press promotes ‘no snitching’ to slam Sharpton

Al Sharpton has responded to criticism from the press for his previous cooperation with the FBI against a crime family.


Obamacare Enrollment Surging With Last-Minute Sign-Ups

Although registering for coverage through has not always been a smooth process, Americans continue to do so.

Elizabeth Ann Eckford AR Hx Comm

The Nation’s Most Segregated Schools Aren’t Where You’d Think They’d Be

While many associate the American south with racism and segregation, one northern state struggles with school segregation.

Video: Black Youth, Black Police & Transformative Justice

The Black Youth Project100, youth activists for racial equality, hosts a conversation with a Black officer who was racially profiled.


Google Celebrates Black History Today

Google honored Civil Rights activist Dorothy Height with a “Doodle” on the search page today.

Jan Buchler, who recently retired as the director of a community-based organization, served as a facilitator of one of the diverse dialog groups at the 100th Birthday Celebration for Dr. James Cameron: A Gathering for Racial Repair and Reconciliation. (James Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Racial Repair and Reconciliation: A Homecoming

By Dr. Fran Kaplan, Guest Blogger, Wisconsin Humanities Note: Staff of the Wisconsin Humanities Council (WHC) asked ABHM’s Virtual Museum Director to blog about her personal reactions to the Gathering for Racial Repair and Reconciliation that honored the museum’s founder, Dr. James Cameron, in February 2014. WHC funded the Gathering. (…) As I looked around…