Truth-Telling as Healing – How We Can Answer Dr. King’s Call?

Join Nurturing Diversity Partners for an engaging discussion re: Dr. King’s lesser-known call to eliminate the Three Evils and create the Beloved Community.

January 15: 10:30am – 12pm
January 16: 6:30pm – 8pm

In this new year, resolve to deepen your knowledge and commitment to equity, truth-telling and healing.

Nurturing Diversity Partners founder Dr. Fran Kaplan and dialogue facilitator Darrell Ferguson will lead a thought-provoking presentation that delves into Dr. King’s complete dream: To heal the world and create a Beloved Community through nonviolence, truth and reconciliation.

Questions we’ll explore together, through a multimedia presentation and pair-share discussions:

  • Why is truth necessary for healing?
  • What truths must we face about
  1. Dr. King’s mission,
  2. the origins of current racial issues in the US,
  3. ourselves?
  • Who are some of the important past and current truth-telling role models in the US?
  • How can we answer Dr. King’s call and build the Beloved Community?

Sadly, Dr. King’s work has been romanticized, minimized and sanitized. Don’t miss this chance to think more deeply about his legacy and help make truth-telling for healing possible in our country. Let Dr. King and other truth-tellers reignite your commitment to equity and justice and to making a difference in your community.

Registrants will receive the ZOOM link via email prior to the program.


Dr. Fran Kaplan has spent over 55 years working against poverty and for social justice and peace locally, nationally, and internationally. She has served as an adult educator, social worker, community organizer, and as an executive, program, and training director. Fran’s worked in farmworker rights, women’s healthcare, child and family services, and public history. Since 1991, Dr. Kaplan has received over 20 awards for her community service as a social worker, social justice advocate, educator, author, and filmmaker, including a commendation introduced by Congresswoman Gwen Moore in the 2017 U.S. Congressional Record. Fran holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and a Master of Social Work degree.

Dr. Kaplan was also part of the volunteer group that re-established Americas Black Holocaust Museum, (ABHM), as well as the founder in 2010 and continuing coordinator of ABHM’s Virtual Museum, a 3600+ page website presenting Black history as an integral part of American History.

Darrell Ferguson is a native of Chicago. After years of active-duty military service, he received a BA in German in 2001 from the University of Illinois. He relocated to La Crosse and currently works as an Employment Navigator for Goodwill North Central Wisconsin (NCW). Darrell is an NDP-trained and experienced Caring Circle Facilitator as well as a leader in the Creating a Healthier Multicultural Community project in La Crosse.

He is also an actor for the Enduring Families Project. Darrell portrays George Taylor, a La Crosse resident who was the first African American to run for president in 1904 against Theodore Roosevelt. He enjoys lively conversations in German, and speaking and learning new languages with all who are willing.

About Nurturing Diversity Partners

Our mission: Building Healthy Multicultural Communities

Nurturing Diversity Partners LLC (NDP) provides education, training, community engagement, and consulting services to foster diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging within institutions and communities. NDP is a Wisconsin-based company founded in 2017.

NDP has provided equity education and coaching to some 200 organizations in the fields of arts/culture, professional associations, commerce, community service and advocacy, education(K-12 through university), faith, charitable foundations, governmental units, medicine, and healthcare.

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Jan 15 - 16 2024


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