Milwaukee Film Black History Month

Milwaukee Film Presents, Shorts: Treasured Heirlooms

Milwaukee Film’s Sixth annual Black History Month celebration will showcase engaging and entertaining film screenings and conversations curated by the Black Lens program throughout February. ABHM is proud to partner with them on two showings this month:

Shorts: Treasured Heirlooms showing February 10th at 12 PM at the Oriental Theatre

From the tingling sensation of the alcohol spray following a haircut to the quick-paced hand games of our youth that occupied us for hours, the essence of Blackness has continuously worked as a dynamic archive of rites of passage and traditions that hold a special place in defining who we are. “TREASURED HEIRLOOMS” is a short film program delving into how Black folks globally are actively engaged in preserving, archiving, and creating approaches to ensure the endurance of our cherished traditions. This reflective cinematic offering aims to encourage us to embrace our traditions intimately, connecting us with both our past and future selves. – Marquise Mays, Black Lens Programmer

Shorts: Treasured Heirlooms featuring:

  • WILD MAGNOLIAS Dir. Alexandra Kern
  • MORE THAN HAIR Dir. Fitch Jean
  • GLITTER AIN’T GOLD Dirs. Christian Nolan Jones and Dominick Cormier
  • QUILTED EDUCATION Dir. Kayla Robinson
  • OVER THE WALL Dir. Krystal Tingle
  • AMPE: LEAP INTO THE SKY, BLACK GIRL Dirs. Ife Oluwamuyide and Claudia Owusu

Don’t miss:

Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land showing February 29th at 7 PM at the Oriental Theatre

In just a few decades after the end of enslavement, Black Americans were able to amass millions of acres of farmland. Today approximately 90% of that land is no longer in Black hands. Various factors have been employed to take Black land, including violence, eminent domain and government discrimination. But it is a little-known issue — heirs’ property — that has had a devastating effect on Black land ownership. Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land is a timely and stirring documentary from Emmy-nominated producer/director Eternal Polk and Al Roker Entertainment that examines the causes, effects what is being done to fight the exploitation of these issues, and how landowners are reclaiming their agricultural legacy and creating paths to generational wealth.


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Feb 10 2024


12:00 PM

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