Afro Punk Bahia

Afro Punk Bahia 2023

More than a party. A celebration. More than a festival. An experience.

In 2023, we come even stronger, insurgent and revolutionary! AFROPUNK Bahia will continue to boost the strength and beauty of the coupling of rhythms, experiences and cultures, creating an epic event.

AFROPUNK Bahia’s quilombo is the place where our people express themselves in our diaspora trail in a radical act of self-love: forming a black circle in the blackest city outside Africa.

Circle of Samba, circle of Capoeira, Circle of Punk, and Circle of Xirê. Our circle has never stopped spinning since we got here. We will keep on spinning, breaking down borders, celebrating the gathering of generations and artistic expressions, praising the protagonists of blackness, uniting great talents to a legacy of history of fight and resistance.

Two-day event, more than 30 attractions, 26 hours long: enhancing black culture in its various manifestations, whether in fashion, beauty, entrepreneurship or gastronomy, making the circle never stop turning. Tickets on sale!

With the sway of the tides serving as an amplifier of voices, we transformed the Convention Center of Salvador into a grand tour of celebration of Afro-Diasporic black culture.

The event is finished.


Nov 18 - 19 2023

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Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Av. Octávio Mangabeira, 5.490 - Boca do Rio, Salvador - BA, 41706-690, Brazil